Welcome to my website!

My name is Katherine, better known for my instagram Kbsugarfree! After reaching 7 thousand + (WOW) followers on my Instagram, i have decided to create a website to be able to give my followers (new and old) just that little bit MORE.

A website allows me to do so much more in terms of communicating, interacting and providing you all with what YOU want. Because ultimately, thats all i want. You have all supported me so far and there is no words to describe how thankful i am for this.

My latest directive that i have decided to take in this buzzing food industry is to show people how EASY it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle which doesn’t include feeling like you are missing out on ANYTHING.

Whoever began this misconception that being healthy involves exercise, eat, sleep, repeat was so, so wrong. Life is more than that. Life is all we have and we should be spending it doing the things we love, the things our friends love and the exploring the things that we haven’t even had the chance to love yet – and that, my dear friends, involves food. Inevitably. People come together over food, they always have and always will. There is this unidentified passion in food, people MAKE it and SHARE it with others, out of love, kindness or generosity. Take a second to appreciate how many people you know would classify themselves as foodies – whether its their passion for peanut butter protein pancakes, olive tapenade and freshly baked sourdough, spelt pizza, lentil curry, steak and fries (sweet potato ;)), homemade lasagne, fresh prawn sandwiches, roast chicken, chocolate brownies, eggs on toast – who ever you are, where ever you come from and whatever your dietary preferences, everyone loves food. We survive on it – but it definitely should never be mistaken for simply ‘fuel’ – there is so much more to food that should be appreciated and cherished. Textures and flavours, scents and visual presentation – thats what excites us, and that comes down to human instinct.

So why, on earth, should healthy eating be associated with missing out on sharing such experiences? Why must people feel confined to their kitchens, their prepared meals, their weighed out proportions. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with that. When I’m at work and at uni, its prep prep prep and the same same same meal during the week – but weekends are the time to explore. And heck, if you have the time during the week then you shouldn’t say no! We are living, we are loving and we should all dining*.

* Dining the right way. Because there are rights, and there are wrongs. And there are ‘treat yo self’ days, and their are ‘stay motivated’ days. No matter the day, i want to show case to you your healthy but TASTY options to clean eating and leading that lifestyle we all desire.

If you have been following me on Instagram you would know i have been leading this lifestyle for about 2 years, and have been sharing this journey through my photos and minimal amount of space i have for a caption. But now its time for more, i want to share with you all in a much BIGGER space the ins and outs to how I’m leading a healthy lifestyle both within my own kitchen and in the incredible Brisbane (and surrounding) restaurants and cafes. I want to continue to share my experiences in the kitchen but also progress into showing you that dining out isn’t something that should be difficult for anyone! I want to show you the amazing foods on offer in this incredible city and where to find them! I want to keep you updated on what’s happening in Brisbane and what is on offer from a health-perspective. And blame the budding occupational therapist within, but I want to enable people to do the things they want, when they want and with who they want (particularly to do with food).

I will use this website to explore and show case the best food Brisbane has on offer for people looking to lead a healthy lifestyle BUT also provide information on items that the not-so-health enthusiasts would enjoy, because they are important to! You don’t want healthies (new term, sorry not sorry) to be deterred by misconceptions about unhealthy restaurants much like you don’t want foodies to be deterred by ‘healthy hippy cafes’ – so I’m going to try and cater for everyone here!

I hope you enjoy this website and any feedback, recommendations or suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged!

Thank you all for the support again!
Much Love,

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