Raw Paw Paw – a healthy foodie’s dream!

If you live in Brisbane, are passionate about health and don’t know about Raw Paw Paw… well i question your sanity!

Raw Paw Paw is the perfect cafe for my first OFFICIAL website review, as to me it encapsulates all elements of eating well and more importantly – dining well! I say ‘encapsulate’ because it has options for everyone, and everyone has different perceptions of health, which means that everyone is supported at this beautiful little cafe. The menu does include RAW foods, so ticks all the boxes for that lifestyle. It also has a range of gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free! And its not just healthspo’s that this menu will appeal to, your dont-really-care friends (i.e. my boyfriend) won’t look past the loaded bagels or burgers that are also available!

To me, cafes like this are just pure bliss. When i walk in and see the fresh display and then read the menu, the only difficulty I’m faced with is CHOOSING. From even the slightest glance at the menu, you know you are not going to go wrong AND you know you are not going to be surprised with what you get on your plate. The food is honest, nourishing and true to the fresh produce its created from. That, is what i love. The fact that i wouldn’t have an issue ordering anything off the menu is clearly the biggest positive – and it means that i can be 100% confident that all of my healthspo followers would enjoy and love this cafe as much as i do. BUT the quality of food, the taste and the service is what makes me 100% confident that my non-healthspo inclined foodie followers would also enjoy! The Venzin group does an incredible job of catering for everyone’s preferences, style and taste buds – Note: the naughty corner – peanut butter fudge brownies etc etc i didnt look for long as my eyes were fixated on the raw treaties, I’m talking bounty slice, caramel choc slice, bliss balls and all kinds of goodness (once again, only difficulty was having to choose).

Raw Paw Paw is also perfect for any time of the day, my gal pal and i stopped in around 10 for a quick breaky/brunch before we headed to the markets and shared the Lifestyle Board and the Crunchy Granola (shared, because, too hard to choose!). At that time the cabinet was full of fresh and wholesome salads, sandwiches and the raw treaties + the naughty corner was stocked with its goodies. Which means you could go for your healthy start breaky, your 10.30 vegan snack, lunch with friends, quick coffee or even your saturday treat (anytime, anywhere, treat-yo-self). Their fridge also stocks cold pressed (!) juices, Cold Pressed Coffee and Organic Almond Milk Latte (made on natural activated and cold pressed Luz Almond Milk (!!!)). Fresh smoothies are also available (post saturday/sunday morning walk perhaps?) and also use the activated and cold pressed Luz Almond Milk (note, its vegan, lactose free, dairy free, cholesterol free, gluten and soy free).

I feel like the taste alone should get a special mention! Doesn’t everything just taste that much better for you when you know its healthy, guilt free and then on top of that actually tastes incredible! Some people say its not hard to do a good breakfast, but i beg to differ – i want my eggs poached perfectly, my sourdough well toasted, enough avo and condiments and my granola half wet/half dry (tell me I’m not the only one?). And yep, Raw Paw Paw ticked all the boxes + that Organic Almond Milk Latte was absolutely divine!

The photos above show the quality of presentation and produce which is used at Raw Paw Paw; Pictured is the Crunchy Granola (Toasted almonds, pipits, pistachios, sunflower seeded granola sweetened with apricots, cranberries, raisins, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup – ticks for vegan!) and the Lifestyle Board (avocado, roast cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, beetroot relish, goats cheese, dukkah and fresh lemon on sourdough – note ticks the vegetarian boxes!). The prices for these items are also well priced for what you receive, and would be respected by uni students and local new farm residents alike! (Granola 11.90 and Lifestyle Board 14.90).


So essentially, if you haven’t been to Raw Paw Paw yet, you really, really need to. And I’m going to help you out with that. As i said, Raw Paw Paw encapsulates everything i believe about healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, so I’ve teamed up with the beautiful owner Giorgina to give kbsugarfree subscribers the chance to win a $50 voucher to visit and see for yourself how truly amazing it really is! To be in the running, there are three things you have to do:

1) Suscribe to kbsugarfree.com (either from the side bar or the contact section above ^)

2) Be Following kbsugarfree and RawPawPaw on instagram

3) Repost the photo from kbsugarfree with the caption #KBSrawpawpaw

The competition close on Friday the 10th of October, 5pm. Winners will be drawn by 9pm so that arrangements can be made for you to enjoy the voucher on the weekend!

Raw Paw Paw

Menu Available: http://venzingroup.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Rawpawpawmenu.pdf

Opening Hours:

7 days – from 6.30am

121 Merthyr Rd, New Farm

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