Grey Street Kitchen


I really do love Southbank. Its relaxed vibe and the parklands, but most importantly the restaurants. Such an abundance of choices for dining is so readily always available and yet, when I’m visiting during the day I generally struggle to find myself a healthy smoothie or bliss ball (apart from the generic grocery store across from the cinemas!). Well, Brisbane foodies and health’s alike, Grey Street Kitchen is going to be our new favourite place to be! They already have some incredible day time options but its their plans for the future which are going to excite us all!

Under new management in a duo mother-daughter team, Grey Street Kitchen is in for some do-over healthy heaven. Im talking fresh salads, smoothies and guilt free treats (my favourite!). Its hard to contain the excitement as i can confidently assume the quality standard this cafe will be producing for SouthBank’s locals and visitors!

Firstly, their location is beautiful and the designed seating arrangements provide the most welcoming escape from the often hustling and bustling streets of Grey street. I’m talking Al fresco dining and a beautiful open ledge to see out onto the streets – how perfect is this sounding for the upcoming Spring/Summer season? The interior was also gorgeously lit and would be incredibly intimate for night time dining!

So, the food. Well, if your a die hard Italian cuisine fan then Grey Street Kitchen have you sorted. Authentic Italian flavours and dishes, all of which made me want to return post breakfast for some light tapas and traditional salad options (i saw blue cheese and pear and was immediately sold). Okay, so anyone who is gluten free (GF) probably stopped reading at the sentence above, as we all know Italian never goes down well with our tummies – BUT i hope you all kept reading because there are plentiful amounts of gluten free options on the menu, as well as clearly identified vegetarian meals also!

I visited Grey Street Kitchen for brunch during the week and enjoyed the delicious Salmon Eggs Benedict on sourdough bread – note: there are numerous types of bread available including turkish, gluten free and sourdough! Personally, my stomach doesn’t react adversely to sourdough bread so this meal was very welcomed! I was joined by Ella, the daughter in this duo pair, who had her Mushrooms and vegetarian spread with poached eggs and gluten free toast! To accompany the meals Ella made me the house special smoothie which was a peanut butter and banana smoothie made on full cream milk (and i skipped the honey) – also note soy free milk is available as well! Ella had the acai smoothie, made with bananas and strawberries. There was food envy on my part with the vego meal and acai smoothie but there were definitely no complaints as mine was absolutely delicious!

When dining with Ella i was captivated by our shared passion for healthy eating and wholesome food. We shared recipe ideas and our favourite health stores, it was a beautiful morning with bursting amounts of positive energy! I walked away with the biggest smile on my face and an even greater passion for what i do. Thanks to Ella and her mum, Grey Street Kitchen have some incredible things coming up and i would urge you all to keep your eager foodie and healthy eyes open! The development of a healthy menu will not replace the classic and authentic Italian cuisine that is still offered, which means it will be able to cater for you, your friends, partners and kids!

My favourite places to dine are those where i know i will be happy, my body will be nourished with wholesome food and where my friends and company will also enjoy their options, no matter their food preferences. Grey Street Kitchen are able to provide just that, and I’m getting in early to diminish any conspiracies from either foodie or healthy perspectives – these guys aren’t going to be the next organic cafe which your office friends grudgingly agree to go to BUT it is a restaurant which will please your friends and your insides (what more could you want?).

Excitingly enough, Grey Street Kitchen have now extended their smoothie flavours and options with the incredible Amazonia Raw range, including our all time favourite Acai, PLUS they now have started BLISS BALLS!! Do you know what that means? All of us who are guilty of sneaking our own food into the cinemas can now be well prepared with a range of bliss balls which are able to be picked up literally RIGHT next door to the cinemas! And you can grab your healthy smoothie before/after as well (or sneak it in too, just dont tell anyone i said that ;)).

Grey Street Kitchen are located 161 Grey Street, South Bank and Opening Hours are:
6:45am-3:30pm Monday- Thursday
7:15am-10:00pm Friday-Sun

Check out their instagram for some amazing photos of their food and to stay in tune with upcoming events! Grey Street Kitchen




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