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As a university student and previous college kid, travelling out of a 5km radius from St Lucia seems not only foreign, but almost like an adventure. Im sure a lot can relate that there just seems to be this weird, imaginary boundary line that stops almost just past toowong and indooroopilly where everything outside of there is too much of a hassle. Well, Hub Café and Kitchen is worth that hassle, especially for us uni kids. Make it an adventure with your friends on the weekend, I promise it will be worth it.

The menu is all focused on quality food for reasonable prices, and who doesn’t love that. So yes, Hub Café and Kitchen is appropriate for all of us, especially those with a foodie flare and a pocket not deep enough to keep that desired flare alight. The breakfast menu speaks for itself, everything just seems to have that little bit extra – yet still cost that little bit less. You have your lighter options & sweeter options (hello and yes please to the roast pistachio crumb on your not-so-average avocado on toast) and then you have the savoury options which are of course my favourite! Turns out they were my company’s favourite too, with one order of the Hub Breakfast (note: glorious potato-feta croquettes to replace your boring old hash browns), Field Mushroom Bruschetta (no roasted tomatoes with this – try a freshly made mix of tomato, olive oil & basil!) and I think my boyfriend was a little overwhelmed when his Lamb Sausages were served to the table in a bowl filled with a homemade vegetable ratatouille with an amazing tomato and red onion sauce, grilled turkish bread AND poached eggs (he didn’t get through it all, that never happens, he heats a lot, and at only 18.90 it definitely screams value for money, right?!).

And the coffee? Organic, fair trade and a custom blend which the owners have tirelessly worked on to get absolutely perfect! The process involved trialling different proportions of coffee beans, specially roasting them and then testing the blend for flavour – and boy did that hard work pay off. A rich taste but with no bitterness at all – it won me over with one sip. The Hub Café and Kitchen also have freshly squeezed juices available where you can create your own flavour from a large range of fruit and veg (!) and a smoothie range available as well 🙂

The lunch menu is also insanely impressive and the best part is that it continues with the breakfast theme of NOT requiring a loan to afford. Enjoy over 40 items for under 20 dollars – amazing I know! The menu has a little bit of an Italian influence throughout it with some amazing pizza and pasta dishes but then also incorporates some spanish flavours and cuisine (hello, my dear tapa friends), greek and asian as well. Essentially a lovely combination of all the best dishes from all the best cuisines – so NO one could possibly not find a meal they don’t like (especially when there are 40 items!). Hub is also Gluten Free Friendly (yay!) so just let the team know your dietary requirements and they will be more than happy to help you out with what to order!

And meal sizes? Well much like the breakfast menu, I promise you wont be leaving hungry! From the lunch menu we tried the Grilled Halloumi w Salsa Verde and Balsamic Glaze, Greek Style Octopus (which is slowly braised for 18 hours in a Mediterranean blend of herbs – such authentic and wholesome cooking styles to please our bodies best) with green beans and Tzaztiki sauce and the Persian Feta Beetroot Salad which notably did not skip out on all the good bits (because you know how some salads just put a little amount of the good fillings like pumpkin, feta, beetroot and walnuts? Well Hub certainly don’t, so that won me over!). For all under 20 dollars, it’s the perfect place for a mid week lunch or for a #treatyourself weekend meal!
Hub Café and Kitchen is also in a prime location right next to the park, and they have designed an alfresco dining feel with their open courtyard. The colours are bright and had a very relaxing effect, which was perfect for our weekend visit! The staff are also incredibly friendly and Jon, the co-owner, is extremely talented and dedicated to ensuring a high quality of food, service and experience when you visit Hub! I thoroughly recommend checking it out for youself, I know im definitely planning on returning for an affordable and HEALTHY tapas evening with the girls 🙂

HUB Café Kitchen
Shop 1 / 10 Stewart Rd
Ashgrove Qld 4060
Ph: 3366 9000

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 10pm

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