Chow House – an absolute Brisbane MUST DO

Im pretty much obsessed with Chow House From the first glance of their menu I knew I would love it – healthy, wholesome options available for all tastes and appetites (especially my own).

Ive dined there for both breakfast and dinner and have not once had any difficulties or questions about the menus, and have of course every time been overly pleased. The reason being, is that the menu is effectively descriptive of the dish – no deception and definitely no surprises (unless you count being overwhelmed by the vibrant colours and presentation!). Their menu also updates accordingly as they only source the freshest seasonal and local produce, another plus plus plus in my books!

I should probably let you know the most important part of Chow House – the lady behind it. Maria is the most authentically beautiful person and such a driven, passionate owner. Maria puts an exceptional amount of work into ensuring she is providing exceptional food, flavours and service, and she has well and truly achieved this through Chow House. Being the brains behind the menu items and working hand in hand with the chefs to bring unique dishes to please anyone and everyone – Maria never stops seeking perfection.

And that’s what I love, and what you should love also.

Its also a combination of qualities and characteristics we should all seek to include in our selves – being the best versions of our unique selves that we can be. And in terms of nourishing your body to be its best version, you need not look further than Chow House.

Maria and her chefs have worked tediously hard to ensure the menu ALWAYS has fresh, light and healthy options – they even have a ‘Healthy Start’ section of their menu for breakfast (hello, healthy foodies, yes!).

The breakfast menu has all your favourites (but definitely more quality versions) plus some extremely popular (almost renowned) dishes like the breakfast burrito, coconut crumpets, Black bean, tomato and eschallot fricassee (w. sour cream, avocado and poached eggs – my personal favourite. Fritter fan? They will also sorted with the BBQ corn, potato and coriander served with halloumi and a pumpkin, lime and chilly chutney. I know im eyeing off the Thai chicken omelette next time i visit – there is just still so much to try!

I dont think ill ever be able to get bored of exploring Chow House’s menu – and they are regular in updating their menu to ensure that boredom stays way out of the picture but at the same time favourites will always remain!

The Healthy Start options include avocado & organic labna on sourdough, bircher muesli (seriously soooooo good!), gluten free quinoa, almond & cranberry muesli with housemade coconut yoghurt – all positive meals to kick start your day!

The serve fresh, house made juices and blends, smoothies, frappes and spectacular coffee, in addition to all your favourite morning and evening drinks (wink)!

The dinner option is a fusion of modern australian and mainly asian cuisine however it also incorporates other exotic cuisines (yep, also why this place is my favourite, everyting i want in one place!). This menu has everything from your Tasmania steaks, local seafood to delicious tofu dishes, noodles and EVEN superfood meals (bam, foodies, get around it!).

Im talking kale, quinoa, sweet potato – all our favourite little words which our eyes flicker twice at when found on what we may have presumed to be ‘normal’ menus. Chow House’s menu is definitely not normal, definitely impressive and definitely a stand out.

Its location on James street gives it a beautiful vibe to enjoy your next meal either to start your day right, during your lunch break or after a busy day at work/uni to unwind with good food, good company and a dam fine wine list.

The meals ive tried so far (pictured above) have been absolutely a) stunning b) delicious c) nutritious d) wholesome. Oh, and ive always walked out with a smile on my face – my tummy full, my body satisfied and my mind in such a plesant state from the service, food and stress-free time from NOT having to decipher the menu/pick an option I thought was something else. Im just one happy gal at Chow House, and I think everyone else would be as well. So a definitely Brisbane MUST.


39 James Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
(07) 3852 5155

Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch and Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.

All menus and details can be found at:

Chow House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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