Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

(GF, V, DF, Sugar Free, 💪 Protein)


The cheesecake was literally so easy to prepare and its so damn good for you! Kbsugarfree followers will know that im quite obsessed with putting veggies in my desserts and one of my favourite to use is pumpkin! I don’t know what it is but pumpkin is just so verstatile and I honestly don’t think I will ever, ever get sick of it. Its taste is so easily complimented by either savoury or sweet accompaniments, it’s a must have in my kitchen and im feeling like a pumpkin appreciation article might be necessary soon!

The second best part to the inclusion of a vegetable in dessert is the use of Raw protein to give this Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake an unexpected element of nutrition that nearly no desserts contain. I am absolutely obsessed with the Amazonia Raw Range, and I know you all would be too. The Raw protein is devised from a formula including bio-fermented pea and brown rice protein which has undergone extensive research to deliver a product that is prebiotic, enhanced with living, raw enzymes, vegan, alkalising, certified organic and FREE from wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, GMOs and nuts. The Raw protein has a complete amino acid complex, is gentle on the digestive system and the Raw devised formula ensures optimal absorption and bio-availability of the seriously important nutritional benefits!

Keep an eye out for their tastings and product samples at events near you if your hesitant to try before you buy, but if your interested in trying a new Raw and extremely nutritious protein powder, I cant recommend enough checking out the range! I used the coconut flavour in this dessert and unlike other raw/vegan proteins powders, the taste didn’t need to be masked but rather complimented the flavour of the pumpkin filling – all raw protein users would know that THAT in itself says something.

To be honest, I want this cheesecake to have something just that little bit extra – I was thinking a delicious cashew cream topping. But I only thought of that after I had put the toppings on, taken the photo and uploaded it. So im still planning on developing the recipe just that little bit further. In the interim however I wasn’t going to be keeping this goodness away from you all, cashew cream topping or not! Just bare in mind that an update will be coming your way, perhaps to the mail boxes of subscribers to keep it exclusive for all those fabulous people who subscribed 😉

When making this cheesecake theres no tips or tricks, its simple steps because that’s how I know the majority of us cook (myself included).

NOTE though (and only because I hate starting a recipe and then finding this step half way through) you NEED to put the coconut cream and milk in the fridge 24HOURS prior to starting! That’s the only prep :):)

If you have any questions though, feel free to comment on the post, or contact me via any of the options from the ‘Contact’ tab above!


Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
• 75g dates soaked
• 75g almonds
• 30g oats
• 20g coconut (shredded or dessicated it doesn’t matter)
• 35g flax meal
• 500g pumpkin (baked and pureed)
• 245ml Coconut milk
• 215ml Full fat coconut cream
• 22g Amazonia Raw Vanilla Protein Isolate
• 25g Sweetener of choice (I used Pure Harvest Rice Malt Syrup and then combined that with 6g/3 single serve sachets of Natvia Natural Sweetener)
• Ginger, Nutmeg and Cinnamon spices
• 150g Pumpkin skins
• 40g Pure Harvest Rice Malt Syrup

• 24 HOURS BEFORE: put coconut cream and milk in the fridge to solidify the natural fats (and to get the creamy consistency)
• 1 HOUR BEFORE: Bake pumpkin for around 30 mins and then allow to cool completely before using (the pumpkin will be cooked when you can softly mash it with a fork)
• Firstly soak the dates in hot water. I add little bits of super hot water at a time, leave it to soak, and then use a fork/spoon to break the dates down to a smooth syrupy past.
• Then blend all of the ingredients to combine (I use my Omniblend, which makes everything so easy!)
• Press into a baking-paper-lined baking tin and then place in the fridge/freezer to harden before adding the filling (you can intermittently wash your hands with warm water to press it down or use a spoon and also rinse intermittently to help it spread evenly)
• Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor, blend (Omniblend here too, which made it so, so creamy!).
• Play with your spices to the strength you like, I started with half a teaspoon and worked up from there, test tasting as you go (not the worst step of the method!)
• Add the filling mixture to the lined baking tray and return to the fridge or freezer (note, freezer will make it quite hard and slice like, the fridge will keep it moist but I had another post idea of adding some psyllium husk to the filling mixture if you were to keep it in the fridge to maintain its shape when being slice!)
• Thinly slice pumpkin skins, place in a bowl and evenly cover with Rice Malt Syrup + a combination of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon spices.
• Bake until crispy (160 degrees)
• Note: the rice malt syrup will melt and start to form a toffee, to spread this evenly over the pumpkin slices I would just take the tray out of the oven and mix all the ingredients every 5 mins (it only will take around 15-20 minutes for pumpkin skins to go crispy)
• I also added some walnuts and coconut chips to the topping mixture after the skins were crispy for some extra crunch and texture!


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