Jo-Jos Brisbane CBD

On the weekend my sister and I had an absolute pleasure of enjoying lunch at Jo-Jo’s restaurant in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD. Following a lovely morning workout for Active Nation Day at Gasworks, I was overwhelmed with inspiration, motivation and dedication to be the best and healthiest verison of me, and dining at Jo-Jo’s ensured no compromisation in this committment to myself! We all know dining out can be hard, it involves the sourcing of the restaurant, reading the menu and generally knowing what you are ordering before you get there (or eye off what you probably wont be ordering without discussing with the waitress). Trust me, I’ve done the work lunches, the social events and friends birthdays – not fun. But CBD workers and city dwellers Jo-Jo’s offers you the solution for those work functions you’ve been desperately waiting for. No, i know, your co-workers are never going to be as excited as you for healthy cafe’s or healthy options, but thats okay, because Jo-Jo’s diverse menu and kitchens has plenty of options for both you and them! The restaurants consists of different kitchens with chefs all specialising in their own cuisines – which we all know leads to quality food and taste. The part i love is that most of the meals were served with a delicious salads – note, the menu from online has been updated! The main salads were also seriously impressive with lovely variations from the generic garden and greek which i usually find on similar extensive menus which set out to impress the masses – so Jo’Jo’s really have mastered their menu in my opinion! There is seafood, steaks, chicken, risottos, pizzas, pastas, salads and even a thai kitchen offering an array of dishes! So, what did we order? Well, it was hard to decide. We ended up choosing three dishes because we just couldnt decide. Im a massive vietnamese/thai/asian fan, so i guess you can guess who most so chose the meal (woops). Baked Salmon Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad – just wow, better than anyone ive ever gotten from an actual Vietnamese store so far. This salad was so fresh and i particular loved it because it wasnt drowned in fish and soy sauce which i personally believes detracts fro the freshness that the salad is meant to offer! The baked salmon fillet on top was cooked perfectly as well, with crispy skin as well (my favvvvvvvvvv!). Satay Noodles with Prawns – not to oily, definitely not dry ( 😉 ) and definitely no cheap satay sauce used here! Perfectly cooked prawns (and plenty of them for the price you pay!) these noodles were packed full of flavour that I’m actually salivating as a write about them. My sister was so hesitant to get them but when they came out she insisted on finishing those before we tried the other meals – they were just that good. Heaps of fresh veggies mixed through and topped with a freshly shredded cabbage (like a coleslaw but not absolutely soaked in all that coleslaw sauce, just fresh, the way we love it!). They use tiny egg noodles for this dish which aren’t gluten free friendly but my tummy didn’t react adversely to them – was totally worth the risk anyway. Chicken Breast w. Hummus, Spiced Dukkah and Salad – the perfectly balanced lunch all CBD goers are looking for. Clean protein, grilled and not deep fried, lots of comforting flavours from the hummus and dukkah and a salad to bring it all together – so GOOD! Its so nice to see options like these available which could be eaten on a daily basis and bring you all the nutrition and wholesomeness needed to refuel half way through your day! Jo-Jo’s also has freshly made juices and smoothies available on the menus with in my books is an added tick, tick and tick +++++! While sticking to water is always great, well, sometimes you want that little more and pft why wouldn’t you when there is fresh juice on offer? My sister created her own from the ingredients available (SO GOOD to see a variety of veggies as options – she chose to fill up on carrot, beetroot, celery and ginger to cure her oncoming fluey feeling) and I chose the ‘green smoothie’ which was alllllll greeeensss babbbbbyy (spinach, celery, green apple). All in all, great service, great food and PLENTY of healthy options. If you’re ever in the CBD and looking to please yourself and a bunch of friends – Jo-Jo’s has everything you could ever want! Their staff are especially great, enhancing the quality of the dining experience and the taste of that food (always tastes better when being served by dedicated, friendly staff).  I wouldn’t be recommending you try it out of I didn’t intend on returning – which I most certainly plan to do. Let me know what you all think!

All information including a photographic menu is available at: 🙂

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