A Matter of ‘Perspective’

As i venture my way through the numerous restaurants that Brisbane has to offer, i have often found myself conflicted in what my followers would like to see, what i would like to eat and what exactly i can confidently define as ‘healthy’. Ive been pondering over this difficulty of clarifying ‘healthy’ for quite a while now and have had many discussions with friends, but it seems we all have different interpretations and no one can ever quite come to a definitive explanation.

Ive come to the realisation that at the end of the day, ‘optimal health’ or ‘clean eating’ is really just a matter of perspective.

Vegans would say cheese and dairy produces are no good, where as IQS followers would say well eat your heart out (because it wont you wont stay hungry for long as cheese so filling and much ‘better’ than sugar). Raw eaters will claim to live off dates, but IQSers would despise this. Paleo say think like a caveman where as vegetarians have their thoughts stuck on eating like caterpillar in a flourishing veggie patch (was that last one too far?).

Do you see how all of these conflict?

With all these various opinions, it become clear how easily some people get confused with it all and just give up. Keeping up does seem to be never ending and its easy to see why most would be discouraged. My mind is buzzing when im doing a review, like ‘would this person be dissapointed’ ‘these guys would love this’, ‘will people be annoyed with this post because it doesnt suit them?’. So many emotions when at the end of the day, who is right and who holds the best perspective?

Well, no one.
No one is the best or the most accurate and no one has all the answers.

We operate and survive as individuals; unique in our DNA, interests, preferences, values and in the ways our body actually function in response to certain foods. Some people can handle dairy, others cant, and same goes for gluten, soy, seafood, meat etc etc etc! And we need to remember this!

So at the end of the day, what am i looking for in a review?

Well, i think it comes down to ‘just eat real food’. Yep, ive unintentionally plugged for IQS (or have they unintentionally found the common ground between all diets?).

NO ONE can disagree that eating real food is bad for your body and your survival. Okay, so when it gets down to it im sure somewhere people could argue over grey area yada yada but thats really just unnecessary. JERF is a bit paleo inspired, which would explain why I always feel much more in control when I’m dining at paleo establishments, but its mainly just about going back to the understanding of where your food comes from and your confidence with knowing the ingredients and what they will do to your body.

When it comes down to it, just eating real food is what i most generally would fit. I would say that yes i am predominatly inspired by a sugarfree lifestyle but im not going to pretend i dont enjoy the odd dried fig, dried fruit or higher fructose fruit. And i dont feel bad about this, because i do what works for me and MY body’s happiness.

So thats me. But when im doing reviews, im going to offer you a matter of various perspectives, what might suit some and not suit others. And i think its important for us all to be tolerant and understanding of these various perspectives. We need to accept difference of opinion and not try to fight for the overall crown of who has the best idea, the best lifestyle to offer.

The purpose is to show that there is always something for someone, and those are the restaurants i am going to favour and share with you. Those which have options and particularly those who have options i love and want others to be able to love and enjoy as well.

Because at the end of the day, food is about sharing, caring and bonding, and if i find something amazing i want to share it with you (virtually of course). I want to create an opportunity for you to know where in Brisbane and its surroundings you will be satisfied, no matter who you are or what dietary preferences you may have.

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