Noshu Healthy Donuts


Do you know what I love? People who are determined and motivated to create products that are a step in the right direction for a healthy, positive future. A future for you, me, our parents, our grandparents (note my nanny now cooking with coconut oil!!) and our future families. These people are the trailblazers, steering us away from some of the disgusting eating patterns some have developed. Please, allow me the honour to introduce you to a new and incredibly successful trailblazer – Rachel, the creator of Noshu HEALTHY DONUTS.

I’m sorry if ‘disgusting eating patterns’ is harsh, but I just cannot agree with deep fried, sugar laden, artificial take away food, and I’m pretty sure anyone reading this would either already know that/agree. I know for sure that from reading Rachel’s story, she agrees wholeheartedly also. This incredibly inspiring woman decided to make a change, to help with the rapidly increasing epidemic of health related diseases that our country is fast being overcome with. That change, involves donuts. That change, is the best damn change I could think of.

HEALTHY DONUTS. Are you kidding me. When I found out about this I was like a little kid in a lolly shop, which is such a stupid stereotype. But it goes to show what we grew up with, lollies, sugar, disguised &artificial foods, and those stupid low-fat diets. Our future generations, I only hope, will be saying ‘like a little kid in a bulk food health store with healthy donuts and raw slices’ – which is my equivalent anyway, bulk food health stores are my jam. BUT back to it – these donuts are authentic, unmodified and health enhancing and any little or big kid should be crazy excited also!

Noshu means ‘no sugar’. But actually this time, they mean no sugar. Its not disguised in other alternatives, the sweetening elements are natural and derived from the highest quality Stevia (from the leaves of an Amazonian herb) and Erythritol (naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables which has no impact on blood sugar and negligible calories).

And yes, there are even more health benefits than being sugar free. Its better to list them straight up so you can easily gather how great these little treasures really are:
• Gluten free
• Grain free/low starch
• Fruit free
• Nut free
• Dairy free
• Preservative free
• Agave, honey and FRUCTOSE free
• Free from chemical sweeteners
• ALL natural ingredients
• Low carbohydrates
• High fibre

These qualities mean that Noshu Donuts are both lunch box friendly and ideal for diabetics (in addition to also being ideal to everyone). Among the list of the quality ingredients that Rachel used to ensure these health benefits and dietary allowances are my favouirtes of pure extra virgin coconut oil, coconut flour and pumpkin puree.

I know you are thinking, this cant be true. Let me step it up a notch more. The flavours include Banana & Coconut, Caramel and Dark Chocolate & Raspberry – so all of your favourites from generic donut chain stores are now available in a healthy version, for an extremely reasonable price. 6 for $25 or 12 for $45, so the same price as regular donuts so you wont even paying for the health benefits at a price like that! Note though, these donuts arent as big as your typical sugar laden, deep fried pastries, which reallllyyyyy isnt a bad thing. Its important to remember everything in moderation and these are designed to be the perfect portion size PLUS if your going to treat yourself you can at least try two flavours (i.e. two donuts) and still be GUILT FREE.

Guilt free = happy kbsugarfree.

Noshu has not only ticked every box but gone beyond that to create boxes and tick those themselves. The donuts taste purely amazing and are the perfect product to start my ‘Products I Love’ section of the blog – because I really, really do love these and I believe whole heartedly in their health benefits!

You can find out more about these little packages of goodness from:

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