Toscani’s Dining – Garden City, Mt Gravatt


It may seem a little different to fuse Brazilian and Italian & Mediterranean cuisines, but after my experience at Toscani’s last week its safe to say some unexpected things were meant to be.

The new restaurant has kept on all of your Italian favourites with plentiful amounts of vegetarian and gluten free options – note, gluten free pizza bases available! Plus deliciously wholesome salads, share plates, pastas, risotto and pizzas! The benefit of Toscani’s over your average-joe take away however is the quality, authentic taste which stems from the Tuscan-style cooking used in every cooked to order meal. I particularly favoured the clarity of the menu which all of us with dietary preferences LOVE to see (especially at Italian!).

The addition to the Garden City store however is the extremely impressive Brazilian Churrasco! Certain to be a favourite for you and all your friends (minus the one die hard Italian fan – but hey, they are covered too ;)), the ‘all you can eat’ styled menu is made of quality Australian meats. The mouthwatering food is served to your table by the restaurant’s various meat carvers who move their way around the floor offering an incredibly impressive selection of deliciously cooked meats.

All I can say, is that if you like knowing where your food comes from (me, me, me) and whats been done in its cooking process – well you cant get much of a better clarification when its cooked in the shop window and carved for you at your table.

The Churrasco is offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the options and prices changing for each service! I know I probably cant think of any better way that to start the day than with designing my own breakfast plate with pork belly and ham off the bone! The lunch menu extends to include chicken and the sides transition to delicious salads, vegetables and breads, before the dinner menu nearly doubles in size of meats on offer!

The location of the new Toscani’s Dining at Garden City is simply divine and will definitely add to your experience. Well spaced out seating in both the inside and alfresco dining, all with views of the water attraction in the middle of the food complex. It is calming and relaxing, especially with a glass of red, and it honestly felt like you were sitting somewhere on the Gold Coast far from the hustle and bustle of your usual business day.

Definitely worth a visit for all the meat lovers, Italian fans and Brazillian beauties, especially if you havent tried the cuisine already! But also for everyone wanting to try something new and who are looking for a very pleasant dining experience!

Find the Toscani’s closest to you at:

One thought on “Toscani’s Dining – Garden City, Mt Gravatt

  1. This restaurant sounds amazing! After finally visiting your websites last weekend I have really considered whether cutting out meat was really for me, I’ve been so much more tired and I feel as though something is missing when I eat. I love all the alternatives and the same time feel bad for the animals. Anyway back to your blog, great post! Love them all!

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