Suburban Cafe West End

It is so, so inspiring to meet other like-minded people with similar health philosophies and its even better when such people are responsible for serving your breakfast. After Ash (the manager of Suburban), shared his passion for healthy and wholesome living, I knew I was both in good company and hands for my Saturday morning!

With whole food eating a personal priority for Ash, the new menu does nothing but reflect this. Ash has recognized and appreciated the demand for healthy and nutritious Brisbane dining options and has responded accordingly with a recreation of a seriously impressive, health focused menu. These changes cater for everyone’s preferences with plenty of gluten free, vegetarian and VEGAN options. I know vegan options appear to be quite rare throughout Brisbane menus so I was very excited to be able to share this highlight for all of you beauties 🙂

The focus for Ash is using fresh produce and ensuring its quality through authentic and honest cooking. As much as possible is made within the store, from fresh orange juice to the various dishes dispersed over the all day breakfast and lunch menu. Salivate over an incredible selection of superfood & raw salads, pulled pork omelettes, avocado stacks, house smoked salmon dishes and deliciously filled burgers.

When Ash sources products to buy into the store, the priority remains for clean, whole food products free from processing and additives. As a result of such hard work, sourcing, research and effort, the end product served to you is fresh, wholesome and of an extremely high quality – all for a very reasonable price!

There is so much passion behind this cafe.  The drive for innovation and health has Ash constantly raising the bar for his West End cafe. There are big things coming for Suburban, and you can only expect its location to soon be a very prominent hub of health. With Vegerama opening up next door, this block is going to soon become the go to for healthies, foodies and those with all types of dietary preferences alike.

There is nothing, NOTHING, more inspiring that meeting passionate people in this industry who are not only interested in eating well but also in working tirelessly to PROVIDE healthy dining options for the rest of us. They are the current trailblazers of the Brisbane food scene and it can only be expected that this sector of the industry has positive prospects for the future, especially Suburban Café.

Suburban Café has very quickly become one of my favorites – this is with no doubt from the service, quality and rationality behind the menu and the produce they are serving. My breakfast and coffee were absolutely delicious and provided me with a perfectly balanced start to the day. Even down to using Organic Soy milk and my favourite ever sour dough from the local Solbreads organic bakery.

ALSO – BEST NEWS is that Surburban have started Acai! YEP! Amazonia Co Acai Bowls and they are pumped full of superfoods, super berries and super goodness!

There are plenty of positive changes already underway for Suburban, including the introduction of an organic coffee blend before the years end plus many, many more! Its all exciting times on little Melbourne Street that is for sure!

Pictured is my Avocado Stack – avocado, poached eggs, tomato, aioli, rocket, fresh basil and parmesan on top of toasted sourdough and the Vegan Bliss – a vegan version of the typical ‘big breakfast’ with asparagus, broccolini, field mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, fresh rocket, house dukkah and sourdough.

Check out their full menu on their Facebook:

And if you dare to expose yourself to some serious food envy, their Instagram has incredible photos from their menu: @suburbancafe

You can find Suburban at:
4/220 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane
ph: 3846 4720

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