Sol Natural Foods, Fortitude Valley

I know they say nothing is perfect, but try visiting Sol and describing it in any other way. Brisbane diners have been seriously blessed by the presence of Sol, which has thoughtfully been shared equally across Brisbane with destinations in West End, Toowong and recently my personal favourite, Fortitude Valley. Originally specializing as an Organic Sourdough Bakery, the cafes have expanded the Sol Breads name to something much beyond their fabulous range of sourdough loaves. How do you even describe such beauty and serenity in one café with words? Im still not really sure, but I’m going to try my best.

Ive been to Sol Natural Foods (the Valley’s café location) a few times now and not once have I been disappointed in the slightest and not once did I expect to be either. I come back, because I know its good. I recommend it, because I know you will think the same.

Recommending is a massive responsibility too! It means someone else’s good time falls into your hands – but with Sol, I can and do confidently recommend it every time. It’s a sure crowd pleaser, with something for everyone AND something for everyone’s health. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I literally cant even fathom the idea of someone not enjoying their dining experience there.

Without emphasising its priority for wellness and mindful eating, Sol represents it impeccably. That’s mainly why I love it. I can and will (eventually) order everything off this menu before me, without doubt, hesitation or even a question about what might be served in front of me. That’s because I trust the produce, the quality, the cooking style, the staff and the chef. It doesn’t take much to get to that point either, everyone is just so friendly there its like walking into a room of positivity.

Today I walked in at 3pm,just in time to enjoy the beautiful live music which runs every Saturday (soon to be Sunday’s) from 2pm to 5pm. I was greeted by glowing staff (and who would expect anything less when they enjoy being constantly surrounded by such wholesome food) and ordered an Acai Bowl, only to be served a literal piece of art. It was the definition of beauty, and it had been developed as an idea that morning upon rising by the head chef. Having been on the menu for one day, I was bewildered by the perfection it had been blessed with, each element positively complimented by the other but also allowing each other to individually shine on the plate. Sol have successfully created something so unique and individual from the usual bowls, from the fruit skewer to the side of coyo, with house roasted nut mix made the night before to the use of Amazonia Co’s authentic acai sachets & Jts Coconut Essence pure coconut water in the Acai Blend; what was served to me would make any diner extremely delighted to received and any chef/staff extremely proud to serve.

Upon my previous visits ive enjoyed equally exceptional experiences, with a extensive selection of organic pizzas, an impressive list of organic and biodynamic wines and a overwhelming large cabinet of treats to tick the boxes of any sweet tooth! Ive included some of those drool-worthy photos in this post gallery below too!   And the price? Way to generous in my opinion, but I tend not to let them know that (although I’m happy to share it with you all!). Seriously, the last time we dined there it was about 60 dollars between us, and I cant be sure of anywhere else you could find such pricing for the authentic, quality food served and the genuine hospitality that its served with (including table service)!

The mastermind tucked in the kitchen is an inspiration herself, a raw foodie with a passion for health! This has rapidly developed after kick starting her own recent health journey and has fostered a passion responsible for a beautifully nourishing menu and nothing but high expectations for what she eats and respectively what she serves. She knows what success requires and she is incredibly driven to ensure that for Sol through her own dedicated contribution. The front of house manager is equally beautiful as she spreads happiness with her radiant smile which you are greeted with upon entering every single time, without fail, no matter who you are! Her calm nature and intonation in her voice is just so pleasantly peaceful, adding to the zen-like experience offered at Sol Natural Foods, Fortitude Valley.

Sol provides the perfect atmosphere for a quiet coffee, a catch up with friends, a chill out session, a predrinks venue on the weekend, or a hub of inspiration (hence me deciding to sit here and blog for the last two and a half hours). I would sleep here, if I could. Im so relaxed and at peace right now, and it’s a beautiful feeling that I want you all to enjoy here. I want nothing but success for this café and I cant wait to see it flourish into all that it can be, and I’m sure once you visit, you would not agree more!

Sol Natural Foods Details:

6/826 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4006

Telephone: +61 7 3736 0303

Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday 7am – 2pm
Wednesday – Saturday 7am – 9pm
Sunday 8am – 5:30pm

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