Its always a pleasure to discover a new health café, especially when you get the chance to talk to the owner and discover their unique passion for leading and providing a healthy lifestyle. Jon is just that, an ex police man who was tired of the limited healthy options available in Brisbane, so he did something about it. And what a fine job he has done (and will continue to do)!

Press’d is located in the beautiful Teneriffe, smack bang and centre between some of Brisbane’s leading gyms and cross fit clubs. It’s a hub of health and supports a range of preferences to suit all cliental. Their smoothie range and cold pressed juices are a sure standout for Brisbane, think about having about 20 combinations at your finger tips and then literally any cold pressed combination you can think of! Its insane (-ly good).

We tried the Acai Bowl (apart of kbsugarfree’s Brisbane search for Acai) and were seriously impressed! Simple, wholesome and honest (!!) ingredients were used to produce one seriously healthy brunch. Banana, pure coconut water and only the best Amazonia acai pouches blended and then topped with the crunchiest granola clusters and fresh slices of kiwi and strawberry! I cannot emphasize more than how such high quality products will always ensure a much better taste!

To go with our bowls, we also tried one of the coconut and date bliss balls available from the cabinet! Seriously wow, they literally melted in my mouth. Could not even deal, one of the best ive tried possibly ever!

Press’d has an emphasis on raw, wholesome foods which their cabinet perfectly represents. Raw salads, zucchini noodles, raw pizzas and slices, it’s a raw foodies dream sight! And we all know cold pressed juices are the best way to absorb all the wholesome nutrients that Mother Nature puts into the fruit and vegetables and that its taste is just that much better also, so this is the perfect accompaniment to the food cabinet goodies!

The café is the store front to a beautiful antique store which further compliments the vibe you enjoy upon visiting. When dining in, you will love the adorable pineapple centrepieces and Raw reading material to increase your knowledge of raw foods and living while you sit down to enjoy them!

Jon has so much motivation, passion and drive to make Press’d the best it can be, which was incredibly inspiring to see. I can only envisage bigger and better things for this café and its health philosophy. If your looking to kick start your day, cleanse your body, nourish your insides or simple learn more about how to do so, Press’d should definitely be your next stop!

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