Natural Supply Co – your new best friend


If you haven’t heard of the website already, Natural Supply Co is a hub of beautiful, natural and low toxic products and they have something for everyone to treat themselves with! I have no doubt this website will become your go to for those days when you just NEED to spoil yourself with some much needed retail therapy – and what better a way than with quality self care products!

The website was created in response to feelings of deprivation that the founders Celeste and Catherine were experiencing when trying to find the right products to treat their bodies with. All they ever wanted was to log onto one place to find natural beauty, skin care and lifestyle products with actual information and descriptions to help guide their choices. But, they could never find it. Im sure we can all relate to how this website is a gift to all women in Australia, and that retail therapy just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot more justifiable – buying natural products shouldn’t be classed as a treat, it is a necessity, and therefore, we must shop! (best blog post ever, right, excuses for shopping!).

Celeste and Catherine have developed their passion for these products from initially caring about what they put inside their body, to what they also used for the outside. We know our skin absorbs up to 80% of what is placed on its surface, so it is ESSENTIAL to care about what you also put on the outside and what you expose your fragile skin to. That is why I have made the switch to using organic and natural skin and body care, and why you should also.

Ive been using organic products in my self care regime for over a year now and cannot even comprehend the wonders its made to my skin, the way it looks and feels is just incredible. Im slowly making the transition to improve the products I use with my other household tasks, like the cleaning products and deodorant sprays which I also expose myself to but ultimately don’t want to anymore. That is why I love Natural Supply Co – for making this transition easier and for increasing my awareness of the incredible, honest and local Australian brands and their products and making them so easily available to access!

When you check out this website, you will automatically be inspired for change, I promise you. So many beautiful products and for various tasks including skin care, hair care, cleaning, bathing, make up, nail polish, mens products too!

I had a lot of difficulty choosing what to put in my basket! It was so hard to not buy out the whole online store but pictured below is what i narrowed it down to! What came all beautifully hand wrapped included O&M original mineral hair care products including blonde silver shampoo and the power base protein masque, Ecotan By Sonia organic coconut and mint body wash, Nilly and Booth organic handmade soap (honey and oat, yum!) and The Well People vegan mineral foundation and bronzer. These were the perfect way to treat myself after finishing my last placement for the year and unwrapping them made it feel even more special!

I thought it would be lovely to ask the girls a few questions to share with you all their journey so far and their take on the importance of using quality, natural products within their lives! The interview was as follows:

Welcome Celeste and Catherine! Thank you so much for joining me on the website! Im so excited to share all of your exciting news with the world and my loyal followers!

Could you start off telling us a little bit about yourself and Natural Supply Co?
Celeste – we’re so thrilled to be chatting with you! I have had a busy couple of months, getting married in late September, turning 30 in October and running my business Fox & Bear Digital Marketing alongside the launch of Natural Supply Co. It’s been a very exciting few months for me. Natural Supply Co is the culmination of my passion for beauty, my experience with running an online beauty business (I was the Sales & Marketing Manager at Adore Beauty for 5 years) and my lifelong friendship with Catherine, who had the initial vision for our business. She is a hugely energetic person with one of the healthiest lifestyles I’ve come across – she is a true inspiration to me. We work so well together and manage completely different parts of the business. The only place we really cross over is social media!
Catherine – It’s been such a dream to get to work with Celeste and kick off Natural Supply Co with aplomb! As Celeste mentioned, I’m a bit of a health nut and that’s because at the age of 23 I was diagnosed with MS and at age of 30 I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (I’m collecting auto-immune diseases!). Because of my health issues, I’m really committed to living a clean lifestyle which means that I’ve been sugar-free for two and a half years now (and have never felt better!). But I also wanted to detoxify my beauty drawer and home cleaning products. When I couldn’t find one spot to get luxurious natural products that actually worked I turned to Celeste and she solved all my problems by partnering with me to start Natural Supply Co!

We are all dying to hear about how this beautiful website came to life, was there a specific inspirational moment in time where you decided to create Natural Supply Co?
Catherine – I read a blog post by Sarah Wilson about all of the nasty chemicals in nail polish. I was shocked. I sent the article to Celeste and she too was shocked. We started investigating different ingredients in all of our products and realised that we were putting a lot of crap on our skin every day. So we researched, found some amazing products (testing was fun!) and then pooled together our thoughts and ta da – Natural Supply Co was born in Celeste’s living room not so long ago.

Could you describe your personal health philosophy?
Celeste – I would like to say everything in moderation, but I definitely have a sweet tooth and I love a good cheeseburger! That said, I believe that we should minimise the amount of chemicals in our lives – it is so unnecessary to bring them into our homes, and especially to use them on our skin. Our bodies absorb way too much of what we put on them to mess around with toxic ingredients.
Catherine – Sugar-free (dark chocolate for special treats!), whole foods (#jerf) – even in my beauty products, high fat (an avocado every day for breakfast) and I really listen to my body – if I’m not hungry in the morning I don’t force it. If I’m hungry in the afternoon I eat but just make sure that it’s something nourishing for my body. Just like Celeste I too believe that it’s important to limit my exposure to chemicals, so I use a natural hand cream and tanning lotion, chemical free laundry and dishwashing detergent, organic shampoo and conditioner and shea butter based lip balm. Yum!

What would you say is one thing you consider to be vital for leading a healthy lifestyle?
Celeste – being aware. Checking ingredients on everyday products you use – and if you don’t like what you see, or don’t understand what the ingredients are, switch them out for low-tox formulations.
Catherine – earthing! It’s so easy to get stuck inside (in an office or at home) and there is nothing better than feeling the sun on your skin and the grass beneath your toes. We must encourage our children to love the outdoors. Nature is so healing, both mentally and physically.

What is your vision for Natural Supply Co? Do you have any dreams or desires for the future to share with us? 🙂
Celeste – we’re so excited by what the future holds for us! Our dream is to be able to run Natural Supply Co as a full-time business, evolving and building the business thanks to feedback from our wonderful customers. We’d love to open a storefront in the future, too.
Catherine – we want to share lots of tips and tricks for ways in which our customers can reduce their chemical exposure at home. We also want to keep supporting young entrepreneurial manufacturers to help get the word out there about their amazing products. We’ve been blown away by the Australian talent.

Im sure we are all wondering when you have such a massive supply of pantry goods at your fingertips, what is an absolute MUST for your household?
Celeste – that is such a hard question to answer, especially for an absolute beauty junkie like me! I am obsessed with the Shore Soap Co Shea Butter Moisturing Stick and I adore The Laundress products for doing our laundry. I am also crazy about all of the Bite Beauty lip products – I use the Lush Lip Tints as my everyday balm/wash of colour, and the High Pigment Pencils when I want more colour.
Catherine – In the lead up to summer I’m currently obsessed with Eco Tan natural tanning products, the Murchison-Hume hand wash (think about how many times you wash your hands each day – you want the product to be good!) and the Circle 21 candles – they’re made in recycled wine bottles, luxe!

Being exposed to so many incredible products, can you tell us your ultimate way to #treatyoself?
Celeste – haha! We love to treat ourselves – we all deserve it! I love to light a beautiful candle; my favourites always change, but right now I adore Love Ludie Salted Caramel – and relax with a cup of tea and a good book. I also try to do a face mask at least once a week, and I use one of our body scrubs 2 times a week because I think soft skin is a real treat.
Catherine – I love relaxing in water, but because I don’t have a bath to relax I get home from work, strip off (how good does it feel to take off that bra!), place some drops of essential oils at my feet in the shower floor and let the steam carry the scents and power of the oils up to me. Bliss!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of the questions I’m sure many have been dying to find out! I am confident when I speak on behalf of the entire health conscious community that we are all so grateful for the hard work you have put into your website and the products that you have made available for us! I can only wish the most beautiful times for yourselves and your website!
Catherine & Celeste – thanks so much for having us!

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