Naturally Choc Organic Cacao Drinking Powders

imageChoco-holic? Want to feed your addition guilt free? This review is most certainly for you!

Naturally Choc have recently jumped aboard my favourite bandwagon, that being the one that provides all of us with healthy and guilt free options of our once favourite foods.

Whoever suggested that eating healthily involved restriction should have considered the potential our of smart little human brains to recreate our beloved unhealthy foods into wholesome, organic and nutritious versions. One of those smart human brains belongs to Joel, the self-proclaimed choco-holic who decided enough was enough, it was time to source out a healthy alternative to his most favourable food.

And so he has created Naturally Choc, a range of Organic Cacao Drinking Powders. All organic and 100% natural ingredients used to create a nourishing hot chocolate powder which tastes purely divine.

Extensive travels, researching and testing (wish I had been there for the testing!) have lead Joel to produce a product that can encourage treating yourself, which we all love to do. Treating yourself is essential to long term health, and when your treats are this nutritious, well, isnt health just that much easier!

The Cacao Drinking powder is made of simple and natural ingredients, all of which are certified organic. The three available flavours (cacao, blood orange and raspberry) all use the main ingredients of organic coconut sugar, organic & FairTrade cacao powder and the flavouring obviously differs but is all 100% natural after being derived from freeze dried fruit powders and spices.

And the health benefits associated with this? Well Coconut sugar is rich in B vitamins, amino acids and minerals (including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium). These minerals are extremely important for bodily function including metabolic function, immunity, muscle and bone strength, enzyme regulation and have been identified to assist in treating inflammatory bowel syndrome. Coconut sugar is also low in GI, ensuring energy is efficiently distributed and used by the body!

Cacao as we all know is rich in magnesium and serotonin! These two elements help to relax the nervous system and make you feel good. For me, this is the perfect reason to enjoy a hot choccie as the perfect nightcap to ensure sweet, sweet feel good dreams! Cacao is also renown for its beautiful source of antioxidants, something that is important for all of us! Antioxidants help to counteract free radicals which are those pesky things responsible for cell mutation and cancer cell development. So really, each chocolate, avoid cancer? Its obviously not that simple, but cacao certainly helps you out.

Naturally Choc’s online store provides you with the access to their beautiful Cacao Drinking Powders and in addition they sell their certified organic ingredients as well. This includes their organic cacao, coconut sugar and vanilla powder, how convenient!

So what else can you use these powders for, besides delicious hot and cold chocolate drinks, you ask? Well yes, I have gotten up to some creating in the kitchen with these bags of goodness and have plenty more to come as well, so definitely stay tuned!

For the moment though, I can give to you a fail-safe recipe for homemade chocolate! You can make healthy chocolate from a range of combinations of ingredients, and with Naturally Choc’s individual ingredients available online you could recreate your own ratios BUT why would I bother doing that when I already have a perfectly proportioned product in front of me!

Its simple, add coconut oil and freeze. For some extra goodness (and ultimate yumminess) I added Mamma Bickies Natural Granola, my oh my was that a good decision! But in saying that, you could also add any fillings you like, perhaps chopped pistachios, macadamias, cranberries and cashews, almond and sultanas or shredded coconut! NOTHING could spoil the taste of these, and I mean NOTHING (note, expect these boundaries to be pushed in future recipes ;)). The recipe with proportions is as follows:

Chocolate Muesli Cups
The recipe is simple – two parts Jts Coconut Essence Coconut oil, 1 part Naturally Choc Organic Drinking Powder. Melt oil if its not iquid already, mix, add your filling into moulds (this is where I used Mamma Bickies organic granola) and then spoon over chocolate mixture.



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