Realistically Raw You – Sprouts, Krauts & Cultured Things Cooking Class

IMG_4648-0It was such a pleasure to have recently attended one of the Realistically Raw Cooking Classes hosted by the captivating Kisane (Zane) Appelby and her co-host Chef Roe. The class consisted of about 10-15 people who were interested to learn the raw food way. It was intimate, engaging and very entertaining with a personalised and inclusive approach, but most of all, it was one of the most Inspiring evenings I have ever experienced.

The classes mostly stem from the host’s stories of how they have come to lead a life filled with wellness and happiness. Chef Zane has an amazingly inspiring story of coming from a life filled with mental health struggles, medications, health issues and being overweight, to a life filled with the most pure ingredients of food as nature has intended. Zane has literally transformed her life and has WOW a lot of experience up her belt in the health industry. From leading fitness classes, to gaining degrees in Applied Science, Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy – Zane is well and truly qualified with the certificates but most importantly with the experience to help others change their lives for the better.

Chef Roe is a qualified Chef and has been living it up across the United States and Bali cooking (but actually not because its raw food) for years. From these experiences she has learnt the most incredible skills which she now opening shares with the classes. Her knowledge of the subject is just astounding, and her passion is even more of a blessing to hear.

Together the girls are just a wealth of knowledge. They admit they cant stop talking and I honestly don’t nor cant blame them – they know so much and they really just want to share as much as they can in the amount of time they have! Their personalities compliment each other and the bantering that occurs between them is the sign of a blossomed friendship, while of course providing a great laugh for the class members!

Most importantly, Chef Zane and Chef Roe light up a room with a hub of contagiously positive and grounding energy. They are captivating with what they share and how they share it, and I still am incredibly grateful for how generous they were to impart all of their hard worked, researched and extensively practiced knowledge with us all.

The class was like living in an Encyclopaedia for about 2 hours, the amount of information in the air and the positivity that it was combined with almost made the process of learning an osmotic effect (i.e. your body and brain just absorbed it!). But the class is better than any textbook or encyclopaedia because its knowledge from first hand experience. These ladies are like little scientists in the kitchen – they play, create and then they enjoy and share! They are pretty much living, breathing, walking bundles of raw magic.

Probiotic health, or “pro-life” was the focus of the class, with Zane and Roe enriching us all with the knowledge to actively lead incredibly healthy and fulfilling lives away from the class and at home! If you are looking into wholesome living then this is definitely for you. Specifically interested in raw food? Even better! But that doesn’t need to be a priority! Interest and a willingness to learn is all that is required.

While I’m well stuck into kombucha, I hadn’t yet delved into the other avenues of probiotic health nor consuming live and activated goods – but boy am I excited to now!
After departing the class having watched, enjoyed watching and then been treated to trying the beautiful raw dishes I was in true foodie heaven. From sprout salad, spinach soup, kraut, coconut yoghurt, all served with the most insane flavours but overwhelmingly beautiful colours, and oh yeah, some serious health benefits!

My particular favourite? Cooking with essential oils! And not just your usual peppermint oil for your raw chocolate – I’m talking oregano, basil, black pepper. They all add flavours and therapeutic benefits while also ensuring optimum flavour and a significantly longer shelf life and fridge space (holla if this stands out as one of the best benefits like it did to me, share house life right!).

Seriously and honestly, this experience was like no other! Held in the beautiful Press’d café (one of my favorites!), talk about a hub of health and positivity! Zane actually designs the menu items for Jon at the café and after this class well what an incredible investment on Press’d behalf! Employing the leading expert, the cream of the crop, to allow you to serve the most impressive raw foods that are available in Brisbane!

These classes contain options for everyone – gluten free, dairy free, animal product free – you are all covered! Literally there is so much to learn from this class in regards to all things health and even if you only take home from the amount offered, that is enough to change your health, vitality and overall, your life. I could not recommend anything more strongly if you are looking for that kick start for your new year health! There are plenty of classes to come from Zane, with so many themes from Mexican to Christmas treats – she has literally every palate covered! Check them out on her website at: 🙂

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