CoCo Whip @ Pawpaw Cafe Wooloongaba

IMG_4689Summer has well and truly begun with the launch of Brisbane’s very own CoCoWhip!


You may recognise the bowls from their original location at BSKT cafe on the Gold Coast, but our favourite Venzin Group have thankfully transported that miracle concept and recipe a little closer for us poor beach-deprived individuals.

I know you will all love this, whether your health inclined or not. It is a remarkably smooth and creamy blend for only being made of 100% natural coconut water!

If you love icecream (who doesnt?), but suffer from allergies and intolerances, then you may know the pain of your options extending only to really expensive (but still very delicious!!) ‘icecream’ options. These options, also demanding an unreasonable level of self control with their tempting 750ml – 1 L sizes!

Well, now you have single portions available and, most importantly, in soft serve form! Gone are the days of waiting for the ice cream down to melt to allow reasonable spoonfuls, you know have quick access to deliciousness, but also some impressive nutritional qualities. CocoWhip is made from Natural Coconut Water and CoCo Probiotic, as well as being:
– Gluten free
– Dairy & Lactose Free
– 99% Fat Free
– No Added Sugar
– Organic Ingredients
– Vegan Friendly

The flavours Raw Paw Paw has available at the moment are coconut and macqui, however there are developments planned to expand this with rumours of cacao and green tea additions (!!!).

CoCo Whip can ONLY be found at Raw Paw Paw in Wooloongaba, and if your not a local it is WELL worth the adventure there!

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