The Love Letter

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I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when I recieved this months The Love Letter in the mail! My gosh Alysa and Sarah (the beautiful girls behind this idea) go to so much effort to send such meaningful gifts with very inspirational and uplifting information!

When I opened my recycled envelope today, it already smelt of pure goodness! I was so excited and as I explored each item it literally brought so much joy and happiness, I didn’t even realise how much I was smiling until about 5 minutes in!

The Love Letter’s mission is to inspire people to love their food, love their bodies, love their life and ultimately love themselves. There is nothing which I could support more and whole heartedly, these are the elements which underpin great LONG TERM health. The cards in this months Love Letter came with some very inspirational quotes which I plan on framing for mindful wellbeing and a reminder to be grateful everyday, for everything that comes your way. My favourite was as pictured below ‘I am – thankful, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, loving’. I think this is something which is a must for health and a positive lifestyle, which is why it needs to be placed somewhere that I will see daily, as an essential reminder.

On the back of this card is 10 steps to the Perfect Pamper Day – At Home. How perfect, because I know for the frequency I would like pamper days my wallet surely would not cope. This is also a reminder of how these days are so important for us, to relax and withdraw ourselves from our crazy lives, something we should all do more often! Shall be returning to this card’s instructions very, very soon!

The second card asks you of 10 adventures in 365 days to set for yourself, big or small, near or far, short or long. Goals are how you stay on track, or challenge yourself and live life. Reflection is how you perceive your progress on these goals and are essential for recognising change. Goals and reflection are two very important elements in my health, but also my career as an Occupational Therapist, which is why I am so grateful and professionally impressed that these are included in the Love Letter for the purposes of loving yourself and living well.

Affirmations – everyone needs them. Thank you to the Love Letter for including them in this package. I will be committing to reading these daily as I believe positive thoughts and positive words are encouraging and grounding – even after reading them for the first time has made me very determined for a productive and beautiul day (dispite the weather!).

I Am Foods – the Power of Positive Eating, were included in this months love letter, and it gave me a little giggle. Its like a superfood version of kid’s mood rings! I received Goji Berries – so today, I am gorgeous. Such a lovely concept and I look forward to seeing more of this company!

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The beautiful smell I was overwhelemed with? That was the Black Arrow Candles – 100% soy scented candles, hand poured by the creators Karina and Alain, who believe that scent is an experience and should be enjoyed each and everyday. I could not agree more, there was certainly nothing more pleasant than starting today with that gorgeous smell!

Also in the Love Letter box is Green Tea in 3 – which is 90% green tea extract with 10% fruit extract that dissolves in hot or cold water in 3 seconds to create a refreshing, organic and artificial free beverage! We also received a Smoothie Blend from Power Super Foods which specialise in organic, vegan, raw, fairly traded, gluten and dairy free foods – cannot wait for my maca and cacao smoothie later today πŸ™‚
To be honest, this was one of the most thoughtful and genuine gifts I have recieved. I feel blessed to be apart of this small, but growing business, and feel like Christmas time is still going! The joys of giving and receiving gifts is what makes the festive season my favourite time of the year, and the Love Letter is the perfect gift to give and keep giving, even after our favourite month of the year. You can suscribe to 3, 6 or 12 month suscriptions for yourself, or even for your dear friends or family. Its the perfect gift to say thank you and to spread love, health and inspiration to love your food, body, life and most importantly, yourself. I can only wish success for these beautiful girls and cannot recoomend this lovely little company enough!

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