Day 1/3 of my Sol Cleanse Juice Detox!

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Day 1 of my Detox journey with Sol Cleanse and I wont pretend that it is definitely a challenge!

I might start my journey from the afternoon/night before, when the delivery arrived and my excitement for the cleanse was greater than ever. I had decided to cook dinner for everyone, my gesture to the household but also being wise in choice for what we joked was my ‘last supper’. One of my favourite IQuitSugar meals, the slow cooked Cinnamon Lamb Shanks! I held back on a massive serving, and trying to get myself in the mindset followed dinner with a smoothie made from filtered water, almonds, dates, organic cacao and Himalayan salt – seriously so yum. I knew now, hey, these drinks really do fill you up, ill be fine!

Well, i wasn’t wrong, but i certainly did underestimate the difference between following a small meal with a smoothie and actually replacing a days worth of meals for high quality, organic cold pressed juice.

I naturally woke at 6am this morning, my body clock in full swing no matter what. Greeted by the Sol Cleanse starter pack, i was well and truly ready to get the day and this cleanse rolling!

Being used to exercise to start my day, i thought i would be fine if i just took a nice easy walk instead of the 5km jog i felt like. Taking my 1.5L bottle of water with me, i completed 3km with half the bottle gone, before getting home and preparing for work. My bus stop is about 700m away, no big deal. Up one hill down the next, I completed this on an empty stomach as I wasn’t all that hungry yet.

I enjoyed my first juice of the cleanse at around 8am with the Energise, a combination of Lemon, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper and Filtered Water. I actually love this combination and plan to continue to use it each morning post-cleanse! It kept me going for a good hour, followed by some of the Detox tea which accompanies the cleanse. I was then beginning to be quite peckish, everyone around me whipping out their morning tea or still finishing their breaky. So i opted for what i was excited about the most, the Peace juice. Made with cashew, vanilla, maca powder, dates, filtered water – its like a proper breakfast smoothie and really quite fulfilling! This ‘juice’ continues to by my favourite of the day, with many, many plans to continue to use cashew milk in the future.

I work in a call center, quite an inactive job except when I’m filling up my water bottle, getting a tea, transferring calls, needing to go to the toilet all the time – really not that physically demanding which is appropriate for the nature of the Detox. I spaced my juices 2-3 hours apart, i get 3 breaks so that was pretty easy, but i honestly did get hungry in between (as expected!), and this is something i think everyone should be aware of and expect also.

What i have discovered from my first day is that Ive been listening to my body more, and i can feel myself more in tune with its needs. Am i hungry, or is a big glass or water what i need? In saying that, i definitely overlooked the soothing properties of luke warm water. I could feel it flood down into my stomach and ease the hunger pains, a massive relief throughout the day!

It was my walk home that i think has really taken it out of me. This time up a big hill and down a small, in addition to the 500 m walk to the bus stop. Reflecting, I’ve walked over 6km today, something i will definitely be subtracting from tomorrow’s routine.

I have promised myself that i am sticking to this cleanse for the night, however I’m not going to force my body to struggle. I tried writing the first half of this article and had began to get the shakes, so i decided to let me body rest and slipped into a very light sleep. I woke up with my mouth drooling, feeling unwell and really struggling.

I know now that opting for the medium cleanse without food was not the correct decision for me and that i should have chosen the Level 1 Cleanse. I believe that i would have benefitted more today and tonight in the less advance option involving lentils cooked with spices and coconut oil.

Luckily, i have plenty of lentils available at home! I have just finished cooking some up with peas and broccoli for extra fiber and greens. While preparing, i had a handful of raw nuts, it didn’t take much to fill me. For dinner i probably quite literally at about 3 tablespoons of the lentil mixture, with plenty of water, to which i am genuinely surprised feeling full afterwards! I believe this is the full effect of the detox beginning to kick in, my body isn’t rejecting the food but after 24 odd hours without it, its definitely treated it as a slight shock to the system. With plenty of leftovers, i more than intend to enjoy lentils tomorrow night as apart of my cleanse!

I don’t at all feel like a failure, i am responding to my body which i am incredibly grateful for! Life is about learning, and developing the connection with mind, spirit and body, for which i feel i have developed closer to achieving today! I took this meal lightly and slowly, knowing how volatile my body possibly was in the current stage of the detox process.

Lesson well and truly learnt, when it comes to detoxes, dont overestimate your health and your ability! Its the biggest commitment I have made so far in 2015, for which i am proud and over joyed to have the opportunity to experience! The Sol Cleanse is incredibly inspiring, with daily reminders of motivational quotes and information, and a great starter pack explaining everything you could ever want to know!

I am loving this cleanse and all that it is teaching me, and i cannot wait to share what tomorrow will bring!

One thought on “Day 1/3 of my Sol Cleanse Juice Detox!

  1. I don’t know, KB.
    I’m biased because I’m a physical activity researcher, but I would err towards keeping the 6km walk and eating more lentils. Movement is so important! And you already eat so well, what is there to detox? Still everything is worth a try. And some of the juices sound delish 🙂

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