Day 3 of 3 – How I’m feeling post cleanse!


Its the morning after my cleanse and my final blog entry for the review of this 3 day challenge!

Last night I finished off my juices, while also enjoying a few tablespoons of lentils at dinner time and some nuts throughout the day. On the third day, I continued with my fond love for coconut water, enjoying one in the morning and one in the evening. I found these additions to the cleanse really important for my health, vitality and most importantly, my mood and energy levels.


What I have learnt is that when i deprive my body of what it wants, it gets upset, emotional and low which reflects in my mood and my daily activity. Thats why if I felt like a little something extra, I enjoyed it after ensuring it was really what I needed. How did I do that? I had a large glass of water and waited about 20 minutes, seeing if I was really still in need, and after that time passed if i still wanted it, then i would have it!

I like to think of this as what mindful eating is. As well as enjoying and savouring every mouthful of food that enters our mouths and stomachs – that is what mindful eating is and that is what I have gotten most out of this cleanse, the ability to mindfully eat.

Right now, I’ve enjoyed my homemade version of the ‘Energise’ – the morning tonic with metabolic boosting and digestive assisting properties. I mixed lemon and cold water, because its way to hot for hot water. I then enjoyed some kombucha, to restore that pre-biotic health to my stomach to prepare it for its first sense of a meal that wasn’t lentils or nuts. Ive eaten a few teaspoons of my homemade muesli, a combination of seeds, fruit and organic puffed corn and kumut, baked with organic coconut oil and home collected honey, and then I’ve stopped because i know i am full. This used to be able to happen religiously for me, but i can admit i had lost the knack for mindful eating. Thankfully, post Sol Cleanse, this has been restored, and its a fabulous feeling.

I also woke loving my body, knowing it appreciated the hard work i had pushed through and the detoxifying process i had endured for its health and wellness. For the last three days i have nourished it with Energy, Love, Joy, Balance, Strength and Peace, to restore its optimal function and remove the toxins that other wise may have struggled to rid.

Now is the time for myself, and fellow followers who plan on completing a cleanse, to continue to be conscious and mindful about what we use to nourish our bodies. Luckily, Sol Cleanse include a helpful guide for you post cleanse days, including a few options for meal plans and what to aim for when eating. I know at the moment, i only crave real, wholesome and honesty raw food. I feel fresh, it only makes sense that i want to eat fresh because of that. It is the opportunity to enhance my cleanse and enhance my health, to achieve my goals of 2015 early in the year instead of waiting for later!

Just as the cleanse aims for, I have developed further my relationship with my body and mindfood. My senses and tastes receptors are heightened, flavours are more intense, and food is more fulfilling. I definitely plan to continue this detox, I haven’t worked hard for three days to see the hard work fade away!

In the following days, I will be posting ways that I have continued my cleansing process post Sol Cleanse, so definitely stay tuned! I have some exciting products and meals to share with you, I cannot wait! All I can think is: isn’t 2015 just amazing already!

If you want this same experience, I’ve organised to help you out a little bit. If you enter ‘KB’ in the checkout when you purchase your cleanse on the Sol Cleanse Website, you will receive 10% off! Check the different options available at:

Note: I did the Three Day, Level 2 Cleanse. BUT I personally, did find this difficult and a lot more intense than I expected. I tried to push through the detox process for the entire first day, but by the evening it was time to actually listen and reflect to realise that I definitely should have done the Level 1 Cleanse. So, alternatively, I introduced some organic lentils into my diet, which were an absolute saviour! I also enjoyed coconut water intermittently throughout the cleanse, which I would really recommend if you find you are struggling a little bit. The coconut water I use, share and recommend is Jt’s Coconut Essence, available at a lot of stores or online (cheaper!): 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions! Either by commenting on the post or emailing me at! xox

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