Day 2/3 of my Sol Cleanse Detox!

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I awoke yesterday morning greeted by a lovely Inspirational email from Miriam, one of my favourite aspects of the cleanse.

There are only two ways to look at your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

This affirmation was the perfect way to start the day, a miracle knowing I’m alive and able to participate in such a cleanse! I did discover a miracle today, Jts Coconut Essence Coconut Water. The detox suggests that when you feel like you need more for your cleanse, that coconut water or miso soup is the perfect addition – and so it became my miracle during my cleanse! I had one in the morning and one at night, which sufficiently kept me satisfied!

I have definitely noticed a difference in my body now, coming up the day three of the cleanse this morning.

Firstly, I don’t crave the sweet stuff. When I am hungry, I want savoury crackers, nuts or lentils. I don’t want a full meal and I certainly don’t take much to fill up, something that I am hoping will continue post cleanse. With food blogging and all the incredible food I am constantly surrounded by, I have definitely noticed that my portion sizes have increased and it was one of my personal new years resolutions to reduce these just a little, just getting back to the sense of not feeling the pressure to polish off a meal or overeat just because the food is still there. Ideally to eat mindfully, not for fuel or for a recharge as we so often mistake a meal for. To value every taste, texture and to chew, enjoy and gain nourishment from every mouthful. The cleanse has been PERFECT for this. I feel that prior to the cleanse, this would have been so unachievable, but now, I’m feeling well on track!

Secondly, I notice less bloat. Yes, towards the end of the night I am definitely filled with liquid, but of a morning my stomach has been flatter than its been in a long time. Its flattering and lovely to see, its also inspiring to complete the detox for the following day to the best I can, knowing this is the result in the morning!

Thirdly, ENERGY! Well, who would have ever thought I would be buzzing at 9pm at night, feeling ready to run a marathon! With my boyfriend warning me to conserve the energy for the next day, I felt truly blessed to see this effect from the detox! I feel like my skin is glowing, my face radiating and my body definitely appreciative.

Fourthly, and finally, the strength. Last night, inevitable as it was, I had a review at a fabulous Brisbane Restaurant, Fish Lane Bistro, with the Brisbane Eats team! I questioned all day if I should attend, but knew it was my obligation to attend to scout out some healthy options for my loyal followers looking for their next recommendation! I was definitely nervous, so I saved my nut milk for just before the event instead of having it in the morning and also took a coconut water along with me! So, did I last? Certainly did! And was confirmed by my favourite gal pals that the food was most definitely delicious and that I was seriously missing out! As much as I was, I was and still am dedicated to this cleanse, and plan on returning another night to try all the food myself anyway! When I got home, I had a few raw nuts, wholemeal cracker, my Love {beetroot, carrot, ginger, apple} juice, and I was fine!

I have woken this morning feeling stronger than ever! I am so prepared and ready to conquer this last day! Note also, I have happily accepted lentils and raw nuts into my diet, I’m not going to deprive my body from small amounts of these! Especially when they have such a great effect for my day and my mood! One thing for sure is that I will definitely be completing another cleanse sometime in the future, even if it is one day! The experience and the quality of the Sol Cleanse are something that I know I will be craving again!

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, I have organised with the fabulous Sol Cleanse Team a special Kbsugarfree code for you all to receive 10% off your cleanse! All you need to do is enter ‘KB’ when checking out! I would love to hear your experiences!

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