Pourboy Espresso!

imageI recently ventured to the CBD and was fotunate enough to learn what makes Pourboy Espresso so understandably popular! In amongst the hub of offices, it gets its fair share of workers looking for that something extra in their coffee fix, knowing very well that Pourboy will deliver it. If you are looking for that little bit more than your average joe cappacino, Pourboy should definitely be of interest.

The team have well and truly done their research to join up with an elite distributor by the name of Mecca Espresso, based in Sydney. Mecca is apart of the Cup of Excellence program, which i was very intrigued to learn about! While fair trade is of course always encouraged, the Cup of Excellence is based on paying the suppliers how much they actually deserve depending on the quality and taste of their bean. Its a method to encourage farmers to take pride in their crops and strive to produce the tastiest beans and ultimately, the best tasting coffee. Instead of getting a fair traded price for their crop, farmers through the Cup of Excellence actually have the opportunity to yield hundreds of dollars per kilogram for their product. Mecca Espresso forms alliances with the coffee makers to source the best coffee to bring back to Australia, which is why the blends at Pourboy are subject to change as the season and source also change! During my visits, the beans that i was able to try in my two (woops, buzzzingggg now!!) coffees were from Gatare, Burundi (an award winner with Cup of Excellence) and Dumerso, Ethiopia. It was seriously so refreshing to have Sebastian, the owner, explain all of these details and impart his incredible knowledge of the coffee industry with me – i seriously advise that if you’re an avid coffee fan that you definitely pop by for a chat!


Today they had a selectively sourced single origin coffee available, ideal for the long black lovers amongst us. I, however, chose to enjoy the regional characteristics of the Darkhorse Coffee, created specifically to compliment milk, and my goodness did it create the most unique tasting soy latte i have literally ever tried. Its a hot, humid day, and usually i wouldnt opt for coffee, but with such an emphasis and effort with the blends i wasnt going to pass! Luckily i didnt because with the first sip i suddently understood why everyone else me was also as crazy to drink coffee in this weather – because its just so, so worth it.

There are also alternative Brew Methods available at Pourboy Espresso! The team here put such an admirable effort into speacilising in these brews, being weighed, timed and brewed with ethically sourced single origin estate coffess. The different brews each offer a different taste, without doubt able to suit every preference.

Firstly, there is the Pourover, which is steeped and filtered, lighter to different methods of brews which allows the coffee taste to develop subtly on your palate. The Aeropress, ground coffee with water forced through via an air pocket to create a slight acidic and heavier taste and feel (the device which does this is hard plastic and the perfect option for camping trips). The Cold Drip (my favourite!), which was on display being brewed with cold water over a 6 hour period, one drop at a time to allow for a naturally sweet brew (hey, no added sugar needed!). And the Small Batch brew, a latest addition to the PourBoy offering, made on their single origin coffee in small batches as the name depicts, for a fresh, aromatic and soft flavour.

So apart from the incredible repertoire of coffee available, what else is on offer you may ask? Well, the food. Oh, the food!!


With a focus on high-quality locally sourced produce the food menu is absolutely divine. Breakfast served until 11 am includes a variety of light, large, sweet and savoury options, with plenty of organic goodness on the menu. With highlights of Kenilworth yorhurt, house made maple granola, organic fruit loaf and sourdough options by Sprout Artisan Bakery, Sebastian (the owner) and Lee Loga (the head chef) really have created a menu thats provides the perfect fuel for a city or work filled day!

I tried and thoroughly enjoyed the Roast Field Mushrooms on baked polenta with semi-deied tomatores, poached egg, rocket and parmesan – although i do love my organic sourdough this base of polenta was absolutely delicious and so noteworthy! Everything was cooked so perfectly that it all just broke apart on the edge of my fork, no knife was required which was perfect as i caught up on some much needed blogging! Currently I’m eyeing off the salads, knowing I have no room left in my stomach but almost willing to test that out at the sounds of Wood Smoked Salmon and Baby Beet Salad or the Roast Pumpkin and Macadamia Felafel. With a range of artisan fillings for their sunflower rye and porter loaf or organic sourdough sandwhiches, anyone could be well and truly fulfilled with this lunch menu, all available after 11am. For the sweet tooths out there, they also have a delicious looking range of Sprout’s bakery goods, plus a daily house made muffin!


With coffee and artisan goods available to purchase and take home also, Pourboy is the perfect place to drop by to treat yourself, recharge and grab a beautiful treat for someone else also! If you are looking for a new coffee experience, I’m glad to say i have gone to the please to do the not-so-hard work to find it for you!

Pourboy are located at 26 Wharf Street, Brisbane.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 6am-3.30pm

Contact or have a squiz via:
Instagram: @pourboyespresso
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pourboyesp

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