Stretch Yoga – My relaxation haven

imageI’m seriously in love with my new membership to Stretch Yoga. The location, the vibe, the teachers, the practice and the knowledge and wisdom that is shared within the sessions is all what makes this Yoga studio the best I’ve visited yet.

The lady behind it all is the fabulous PJ. A vibrant, bubbly and energetic spirit who greets you with the biggest smile when you enter, it makes it feel like you are meant to be there, like you are welcome, and that you belong. The classes vary and to be honest I just check the time, not the class, because I know each one is going to be rewarding no matter what.

I have only ever done a few classes of Yoga before, but nothing like this. PJ and her fellow teachers impart so much knowledge and spiritual information on during the class, using traditional yoga language and terminology while describing what that also means.

I knew I loved the establishment, but it was today that my appreciation escalated and became much more apparent. All day, since I had woken, I had been suffering from a seriously intense headache and body pain. I paid for a massage, I nourished my body right, I even took panadol which I so rarely do, but nothing helped. From the moment I woke I new I should go for a class, but as the day proceeded and the pain worsened, it became more of an effort to make my way into the city for the class, but I just had this inkling that it was worth it. And my oh my was it ever. Never again will I underestimate the power of an hour of mindfulness and stretch at Stretch Yoga. Ali, the instructor today, kept us in a state of mindful consciousness as we transitioned through various stretches, slow and steady with so much natural flow and rhythm.

Fully immersed in the session, I quickly found myself in an incredibly relaxed state and the pain was quite literally relieved after two stretches. The remaining time helped to soothe my body from muscle to muscle, bringing to attention the importance the connections within the body and how our daily living is affected by these. The pain in my neck and back felt like it was coming from my shoulders, but it was the release of the tension in my legs, hips and lower back which relieved me of my headache. I truly do believe in the balance of the body and how importance yoga really is for restoring wellness and correcting tension which helps to assist with physical and mental flexibility.

The most important thing that I love about stretch is that it is made well and truly clear that the clases are not competitive and no one should compare. So often I went into yoga thinking how unco I was to everyone, so it is so nice to be informed and reminded that companions are not supported within the class and that we each have our own journey and bodily movements that will shape our practice.

If you are looking for a genuine and supportive yoga studio, you definitely need to try Stretch. They run so many deals and promotions for new members all the time! Definitely worth checking out, just follow the link to their website

Stretch is located at:
132 Albert Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

These incredible photos are courtesy of Yelp Brisbane and are available from their Community Blog 🙂

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