Kiss the Berry – Your 2015 Valentines Date

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Finally i managed to visit what can only be described as Acai heaven!

I visited their new Southbank store with two male work friends and was actually quite nervous for their reactions, they aren’t the biggest health fanatics! So i just wasn’t 100% sure they would enjoy it – and they certainly weren’t reciprocating the excitement I was experiencing upon finding the store!
I knew the setting was reassuring for them, with an open view onto the Southbank Parklands and the Ferris Wheel, plus lots of greenery and simple, clutter free space! But I was more interested in the menu – not just one, two or three acai bowl options, but wht seemed like every possible flaovur combination you could imagine seems to have been covered!
Tropical, original, blueberry and SNICKERS!? Smoothies, bowls, coffee, cold drinks, bliss balls and carob bars – I was quite literally in heaven. The boys soon were too.
One took their own initiative to choose and opted for the Berries only bowl – a blend of Acai, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and apple juice, topped with strawbs, raspberries, blueberries and goji berries! Plus, he also enjoyed a cold pressed coffee AND a coconut water – really encapsulating a go hard or go home mindset, but i was proud to say the least.
I suggested that my colleague and i share the original and Snickers Delight {acai, banana, raw cacao, almond butter, almond milk & coconut water blend topped with banana, granola, strawberries and cacao nibs} nervous he would prefer the snickers which i secretely was way to excited to try and enjoy (without sharing!)
Turns out, he loved acai as much as i do! And, luckily enough, too much to share, i got that snickers bowl mostly all to myself! Layers of granola, chocolateand acai blend which I was honestly surprised at how chocolatey it really was! If onlu i could live off this daily, seriously, my body and mind would be in absolute heaven!
Kiss the Berry’s acai is the key to every girls heart and health. Their wholesome and natural products are the perfect comfort fopod, that you wont regret later. , the girls have decied to host Valentines day for their official South Bank launchm so we can all guilt freely indulge in delicious food with our favourite single/not single gal (and boy) pals! And we can feel GREAT about doing so!
From 7am to 4pm they will have fitness classes, giveaways, prizes, comps and even will be hosted by B105! Most definitely worth including in your plans, especially if you had otherwised plan to maybe guiltiy indulged 😉
Check out their website:
Facebook and Instagram for all the details!

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