Sassafras Canteen, Paddington

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetNew focus, new menu, brilliant chefs and local produce, Sassafras Canteen has surely undergone one brave, yet rewarding, facelift!

The new breakfast and lunch concept is based around a whole food approach, inspired by none other than Yotom Ottolenghi and Mike McEnerney. If you ever squiz at these incredible chef’s cookbooks, or if you have been fortunate enough to dine in their restaurants, you would understand that this approach is bound to please the masses and the healthy food revolution which is slowly, but thankfully, taking over the Brisbane food scene (or is it just me?!).

A typical lunch menu generally will include a selection of 1-2 meets/fish, four or more salads, pizza, tar tine and savoury tart. Okay, but this is not just ANY canteen style cafe or menu and please, go ahead and consider your college/highschool days because in comparison this style of dining will quite literally leave you speechless.

For the meats – think locally sourced, high quality and slowly, sustainably cooked roasts, accompanied by a tantalising side included in the serve. For example, rare roast beef, parsley plenta mash OR whole baked salmon with dates and quinoa.

And the salad, my personal favourite – the combinations are endless but on the day i visited i was able to select from Roast cauliflower, dates, Persian fetta, rocket; Brown rice, corn, green bean salad; Potato, green pea, mint salad; Thai noodle, greens, sprouts, nam jim salad. I know, right? You wouldn’t believe how much it is either – $4.50 a serve. You can fill a plate with three, its not only delicious, wholesome and made from local product but its also darn cheap, and the head chef and his whole food army are to thank for this! When eating seasonal, your produce is cheap, its a win win for everyone!

The pizza, tartine and tart definitely aren’t ordinary either, with the options during my visit being – Pizza: Mediterranean veg, pesto; Tartine: mushroom, shallot, chilli jam; Tart: sweet corn, cheddar, pesto.

Not only are there incredible options on display, but if your looking for that little bit more (which i wasn’t, just overwhelmed by delicious/edible choices!), they also have a burger, sandwich, roll and wrap menu up on an overhead chalk board to make your selection process that little bit harder. My eyes made contact with the Vegan Veggie burger and while i tossed and turned between the salads and pork & quinoa roast for the day, i eventually caved for the burger, after discovering its served on none other than my favourite Organic Sourdough from Solbreads! I wasn’t giving up on trying that delicious roast cauliflower salad so i also got a side of it with my burger {big girls have got to eat ;)} We also chose the Steak Sandwhich {tender rump steak, mustard greens, tomato, red onion, cheddar, fire roasted capsicum and paprika mayo} with a side of the freshest and healthiest Vietnamese salad i have tried to date!

The drinks which accompanied our meals 100% complimented our meal – a fresh selection of freshly squeezed juice with myself opting for the watermelon, apple and mint juice and my gal pal choosing an iced latte! We also treated ourselves to some house made iced tea, the perfect refreshment for a warm Brisbane day and definitely not over-killed with sweetness like generic ice teas! The flavours available for the day were Berry and Ginger and Jasmine!

Sassafras is open Monday to Friday, serving breakfast until 11.30 am and then the lunch menu from then on! The daily lunch menu is posted on their Facebook page, which can be found at!

You can also check out what that fabulous team gets up to through their Instagram @Sassafrascanteen

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