The Roastery Cafe

imageWhat may appear to be a small hole in the wall is very far from! The Roastery cafe has a seriously impressive menu to accompany their flawless reputation for their beautifully caffeinated beverages!

It may be secret for some, but is now becoming rightfully exposed – and it brings me much pleasure to shed light on this fabulous local business.

It so clearly has its regulars, from what I could see with the various groups of bike riders who were consistently dropping by for their much needed refuels – an appropriate choice for their health if any, and quite indicative of how nourishing the menu options are!

For a group of food bloggers we were all well satisfied with healthy options suited to all tastes. You might be thinking that breakfast isn’t really that hard to do healthy, just skip on all the grease laden items, but Roastery really do go that extra mile to ensure wholesomeness and balanced meals are served left, right and center.

From a halloumi based breaky to chia puddings, I was seriously impressed/devastated I hadn’t dined before.

Skimming through the menu, I could not look past the kale salad. What may have intrigued me for lunch had overwhelmingly captivated me for breakfast! Carb free (although their organic sourdough is nothing to avoid!), superfood filled plate of absolute tastebud and health heaven!


I felt seriously satisfied after this breaky + my freshly squeezed pineapple, orange, apple and mint juice!

I was seriously eyeing off the crunchy house granila w coconut yoghurt, chia and berry compote with fresh berries, but i honestly did not have the room! Luckily Jess ordered it, so I could at least tantalise you all with the option!

Located super close to South Bank, The Roastery Cafe would make the perfect breaky spot before a day in the Parklands or city! Or even a pre-work breakfast, I’m hearing you!

25 Glenelg Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Open 7 days, breakfast & lunch

Mon-Fri 6.30-4.00

Sat & Sun 7.00-2.00



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