Needa Bean Cafe – the perfect addition to your morning routine

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe newest, and possibly most convenient organic cafe’s has opened its doors in Brisbane, and i know you are all going to absolutely love it!

Have you ever been so rushed for time that you find yourself having to compromise certain parts of the scheduled morning routine? Is that ‘certain part’ generally the gym/your workout? Me too. We all get it, sometimes there just isn’t time, but the dream team behind Need A Bean and Precision Fitness have just made our mornings and achieving our health and fitness goals a whole lot easier.

With the launch of their savoury breakfast and lunch options, catered for by Holistic Hospitality, there are now an abundance of healthy, delicious options for you to grab on your way into, or out of, the growing Precision Fitness Enterprise.

Now that breakfast and lunch prep are removed from your plan, you’ve opened yourself up a lot of time to enjoy a personalized workout with some seriously skilled and passionate Personal Trainers. Problem solving sorted – lets talk about the food.

The breakfast and lunch savoury options that I mentioned are being supplied by Maryanne from Holistic Hospitality, a local Brisbane catering company who sets out to provide local, mostly organic, fresh options for all dietary preferences! From gluten free to vegetarian, vegan and nut free, Maryanne really does have a massive range of recipes ready to cook up for you and your company’s next lunch event, so to fill all her spare time (which is actually none at all) she’s decided to provide some delish options to take Needa Bean’s menu to the next level!

In combination with the delicious, fair trade Campos coffee, acai bowls & smoothies and protein shakes designed appropriately for all your muscle’s post-workout requirements, Need a Bean have also sourced a local favourite to supply their sweets and treats. I say sweets and treats, but I actually mean 97% organic, raw and healthy slices, balls, breakfast bars and paleo granola all produced in Brisbane by Paris Straus, founder and producer of My Plate Clean Treats.

You may of heard of these treats before, so now that you know where to check them out, its most definitely worth a visit to Need a Bean and an organic coffee on the side. Choose from all of your favourite flavours like Snickers, Cherry Ripe and Caramel Slice – I got to test taste all and can vouch for how amazing they are (especially snickers – I haven’t experienced flavour like that in too long!).

David, the owner of the gym, provides a personalized and down to earth approach towards his clients and visitors. If you are looking for something more than a regular ‘hello’ when you are greeted at the door and are searching for something to get your 2015 goals accomplished then a visit to Precision Fitness definitely wouldn’t go astray!

Located at 15/1-29 Manly Road, Tingalpa

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