Press’d, Newstead – New venue, new menu, impeccable standard.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI ducked by Press’d in Newstead to catch up briefly with some of my favourite people and enjoy some of their favourite food. Jonathon, the owner, and Chef Roe both live, breathe and love raw, wholesome, organic food – which is why they are the best ones to run a cafe that provides it to our very lucky Brisbane community! Jon gave up his police career to work towards creating Press’d from scratch, with a dream (now come true) of enabling us all to enjoy fresh food and cold pressed juice, and Roe quite literally gets goosebumps over talking about food. You often can’t shut Roe up, though no one is complaining. This woman, along with her superwoman counterpart Chef Zane, is an encyclopaedia for health! The level of passion and knowledge which goes into this menu and each and every food is astounding, inspiring and motivating – there is no reason NOT to visit. But let me tease your tastebuds. Pictured is a range of the raw dishes I got to try. Luckily, with the larger kitchen and space of the new venue (only just up the road closer to Emporium!), the crew at Press’d are able to cater to many more dietary preferences and dining styles! Welcome to the menu – FREE RANGE eggs, for the Paleo breakfasts and many more extremely healthy, yet not always raw, additions. Including, but not limited to, organic sourdough so those die hard Smashed Avo Fans can enjoy this quality of produce and food as much as the next Vegan Brisbane-ite.

There is the cabinet food, which you may be familiar with from the previous Press’d store, but now there is also a MENU! Of which, you can order a much larger variety of dishes. Today, I tried the house special and the well renowned ‘Teriyaki No-so Salmon’, which is actually dehydrated and marinated paw paw on a bed of Asian vegetables and rice noodles lightly sautéed in Press’d secret teriyaki sauce. And get this, Press’d dont just have your regular (GF – gluten free), (V – vegetarian) or (if you are lucky) (DF – Dairy free), but have taken dietary information keys to a whole new level – introducing NF (Nut free), CE (Contains egg), GFA (GF available), P (Paleo) and R (RAW!). Literally everyone will be covered! Also pictured is the Creamy White Wine “Pasta” – hehe yep, this one is raw and you know why? Wine is fermented! I know, life just got infinitely better! This dish is organic zucchini pasta dressed in a rich white wine sauce with seasonal vegetables (GF)(DF).

You can choose from Pasta, sandwiches, burgers and even pizzas which are all in a modified healthy version – this is a literal paradise! Choose your organic fillings for your rice paper rolls from the lunch menu or choose from a selection of salads from the display cabinet – go ahead, take your pic, everything is promised to be good for you. The breakfast menu – also new and upgraded. It goes all day and includes favourites like Mornay Mushrooms and Smashed Avo or various styles of ‘Breakfast’, including Paleo, Vegan, Green and Big. Sorry if its repetitive a little, i just really want to reiterate the amazing choices available now from this local Newstead store! They have still kept their wall of smoothies, with weekly specials and plenty of fruity, light breakfasts also displayed. Chia puddings and house made cold pressed juices (obviously, its in the name!), organic crepes and Acai Bowls – could you, or would you, ask for more? The new store is located at: 53 Commercial Road (cnr Arthur Street)Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Check out their Facebook for all the updates and some incredibly drool worthy #foodporn Website: Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Thurs 5am – 3pm
  • Fri 5am – 2pm
  • Sat 7am – 2pm
  • Sun 8am – 2pm

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