Naturamin Slimming Coffee – Review

Naturamin Slimming Coffee

I love my coffee and I’m not going to lie about it. But I also love finding new products that ‘healthify’ this slight addiction and I am super excited to share with you all my latest discovery, the Slimming Coffee from Naturamin!

I once tried adding kale to my coffee, by blending it and adding through some coconut milk. While it tasted okay, I didn’t really push it too much as I know its just not something that the general population would probably accept/like. This product however, is on a different level and I feel its something I can happily share with you all!

Naturamin is an Australian company who are producing products with a prerogative to increase all of our health. Making their products on home soil, they ensure natural and organic blends that are designed to assist weight loss.

Now lets not pretend that we don’t have a goal to loose those few extra kilos. It’s the number 1 New Years resolution and as unfortunate as it may be, we all constantly seek improvements with our bodies. Weight loss doesn’t just happen, trust me. It comes with time, exercise and a healthy diet. Organic and natural products like these are one of the perfect stepping stones in your journey to optimal health however they aren’t, and don’t claim to be, the be all and end all.

Naturamin Slimming Coffee

Drinking the Naturamin range isn’t going to drop those kgs off you, but the characteristics such as increased metabolic rate and reduced hunger cravings are sure to assist you with your journey and health goals! The way I look at the Slimming Coffee is that while increasing your energy levels it’s simultaneously detoxifying your insides, and a healthy inside = a glowing outside!

I have recently started substituting my morning coffee for a Go Green Coffee by Naturamin and am absolutely loving the change. I love the flavor and top mine with the slightest bit of coconut or almond milk out of preference! It definitely has helped with the office hours I’ve been working and in all honesty it does prevent my body from having that post-coffee crash that has become too frequent for my liking!

So what’s in it? Its ingredient lists includes Organic Arabica coffee, Calcium, Chronium Picolinate (for assisted weight loss), Green tea leaf extract and Ginseng. All natural and all organic.

You can read up on all of the products, like their Tone Tea, available at Naturamin at :

The coffee is available in a 2 week pack for 29.99 – super reasonable (you would most definitely spend more on coffee than this!). The link to read up on the coffee specifically is:

One thought on “Naturamin Slimming Coffee – Review

  1. Do you know if it is certified organic? The only reason I ask is I am using this at the moment and on the back of the pack it says, “made in China and distributed from Australia”. The limits Australia sets for what is organic or what is a safe limit for pesticides and insecticides to consume and a lot stricter than China. Correct me if I’m wrong but companies are allowed to import products that do not actually meet the same standards as Australian manufactured products?

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