Plum Tucker Review

Plum Tucker Cafe

It’s always so refreshing to meet like minded, passionate people. It’s especially refreshing when you meet those people and they own a restaurant. Matt and Kate, owners of Red Hill’s Plum Tucker have incorporated many local, organic and fair trade products into their menu, and they have done a delicious job in doing so.

First, they hired a chef who was on the same page as themselves. This ‘page’ includes a passion for local produce and a philosophy supporting scratch cooking. Scratch Cooking is when everything (and I mean everything) is made from scratch!

Next, they sourced their organic, local produce from Brisbane and close by areas. Finally, they let chef Chef Louis do his magic and he has certainly executed some pretty amazing spells, especially perfect for the upcoming Autumn season.

Plum Tucker initially won me over with their sister’s hand picked, hand plugged and family owned Marlborough Pinot Noir. Then, the Ploughman’s Board was served and my heart was well and truly captured. From hand made sourdough (made with a 27 year old culture!!!) to the hand smoked butter and Free Range Pork Belly Terrine – I was in heaven and I wasn’t afraid to say that out loud.

Following entrees was another course of local, organic and unrefined food. Grass Fed Lamb Rump with Parmesan Polenta, piccalilli & spinach and the Naked Ricotta Dumplings with roast pumpkin & pine nut tabouli were stand outs for me, but to be honest I loved everything that was served!

Plum Tucker have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options because they want everyone to enjoy dining with them! For reference, their vegan option was Broccoli Salad with organic quinoa, golden raisins, avocado, spinach and zucchini (I know, right!).

If wine isn’t your thing, which is usually me after one glass, then they also have a range of organic & fair trade soft drinks + Snake Oil kombucha!

It certainly is time to find a celebration or excuse to visit (but do you really need one?!), especially now that their fabulous dinner menu has been extended from Thursday to Saturday nights!

They have an all day menu from 7am to 2pm and opening hours otherwise are:

Monday: 6am-2pm
Tuesday: 6am-2pm
Wednesday 6am-9pm
Thursday: 6am-9pm
Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday: 6am-9pm
Sunday: 6am-2pm

*Take away coffee from 6am daily.

*Kitchen opens at 7am daily, and closes 2pm-5.30pm Wed-Sat (snack menu available)

Location: 5 Enoggera Tce, RED HILL, QLD

And you can find all the information you may be searching for at:

Or experience some serious food envy by scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram (@plumtuckercafe).

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