Noosh Catering Review

Welcome the newest Brisbane caterers raising some seriously high standards!

Think fresh. Think healthy. But mostly, think accommodating. We all know those fussy guests who attend events and ‘can’t eat that’ – well, I am one. #soznotsoz but I’m not going to jeopardise my healthy eating for deep fried party packs and mini pies and I know I’m not alone.

This is why I’m proud to share these new caterers on the Brisbane scene. At their recent launch, there was so much on show that I could eat (party streamer emoji) which was made to also please the masses.

I’m not that hard to please, it’s actually quite simple really: skip the additives, pastries and cheap fillings. Well, this is exactly what Noosh have done and absolutely killed it for everyone!

While I’m healthy and love some fresh and unrefined ingredients, when other not-so-health inclined individuals are offered Seared Tuna, Apple and earl grey salad with a drizzle of Chorizo oil they certainly aren’t going to say no. Same goes with Goats Cheese Stuffed Zucchinis Rolls and King Crab and Native lime Rice Paper Rolls – it’s not just your healthy guests that are going to enjoy it!

If it’s not your guest’s health prerogative or your own that you are looking to please, Noosh are also reputable for their high quality ingredients and delicious flavours. They deliver what i like to call ‘manicured favourites’, such as Morrocean Lamb burgers with toasted pine nut radicchio and lemon mayo and Pork, chest but and fennel seed sausage rolls – a generous twist on your average pre packaged and warmed on the day sausage rolls!

These guys are absolutely soaring above the current standards of Brisbane Catering and I can only recommend you get in quick before everyone else discovers their talented service and extremely competitive prices!

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