Harajuku Gyoza Opens in South Bank

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Eat South Bank are clearly continuing to gather the best of the best for their fabulously positioned dining strip! Alongside other incredible restaurants, Harajuku Gyoza has opened the doors of its third dumpling restaurant on the Eat South Bank premises and you can be sure it guarantees good food, drinks and entertainment!

Rest assured if you aren’t a massive dumpling fan (who isnt?!), they are not the only item on the menu that will have your tastebuds crying for more! There is a great range of traditional Japanese vegetarian and meat dishes on the menu – from cucumber and miso salads to Agadashi Tofu (thankfully, not deep fried!).

The abundance of small side dishes means only one thing – the chance to try everything! The miso was so great that two bowls were in order in addition to the edamame + cucumber miso salad + vege grilled dumplings + duck dumplings + tofu === overall a very happy and very satisfied belly!

If you are indecisive when it comes to picking then Harajuku Gyoza is easily on your to-do list. Treat your friends and order away whenever and however you want! The dishes will keep flowing and your tummies are sure to get happy in no time!

The service is a standout, with your designated waitress/waiter responding to your every move! They are attentive and genuine which is so nice to be treated to without paying the big dollars for! You must be warned, some menu items come with a surprise, especially the Saki! A song and a dance with cheering and clapping, its the perfect treat for your mates, or loved ones, if thats their style!

For its well priced dishes and large variety, Harajuku Gyoza is the perfect addition for Eat South Bank! For dietary preferences, they are more than helpful to point out what you can and cant eat but for Gluten Free seekers who obviously wont be able to tolerate the dumplings there are still plenty of rice dishes etc available!

Harajuku Gyoza is located at 184 Grey St, South Bank

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

Find out more at: http://harajukugyoza.com/ and http://www.eatsouthbank.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarajukuGyoza 

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