Press’d Raw Food Cleanse – 10% Discount code (KBS10)

We all love nourishing our bodies but sometimes we all need a fresh restart or a reset. Cleanses or detoxes are the perfect way to do this, but you have to make sure you are choosing the right ones (note: not the lemon detox!!).

Juice cleanses are amazing but they can also be intimidating for a lot of people. I get it, trust me, there is something about eating that we all love and struggle to part with for three WHOLE days (or more!). This is why I have fallen in love with the Press’d raw food cleanse – you get to EAT!

That, is why I have organised a 10% discount for you all to try. Because I know you will love it (and so will your body!). Simply use the code KBS10 upon checking out at ! This code works for the organic raw food cleanse and juice cleanse. 

The raw food cleanse is designed to nourish our bodies from the inside out with a carefully designed menu. This menu is created to help replenish mineral stores and detoxify your body from the nasty chemicals and metal build ups that seem to ease their way into the food we love. Even fruit and veg from our grocers can cause this build up of toxins, due to the sprays and additives that creep on in throughout the production line (its crap, I know).

Some of the main benefits:

– Cleanse your blood, organs and endocrine system

– Restore minerals

– Promote good digestive health

– Increase energy levels

(the list is actually endless and you can read all about that here).

If you are needing a change or a boost, then a cleanse is most definitely for you! Feel the difference within the first day – no bloating, no digestive issues and definitely no harm for your body (you could be surprised with how much harm we are really doing each day!).

The raw food cleanse isn’t just any raw food – its organic, locally sourced and most importantly, innovative! Raw Pizzas (it tasted just like ham and pineapple!!) and Raw Pastas, cashew creams, raw banoffee pie, raw noodle salad! You also get a organic cold pressed juice for each day of the cleanse – it really is an abundance of goodness and nutrition all packed and ready to go!

How it works:

Choose your days – 1, 4 or 6.

Choose your dates (Press’d are open everyday, so its up to you when you start!)

Morning of: Pick up your bag of goodies which contains all of your food for the day. Its prepared, packed and ready for pick up each morning – talk about easy!

After: There is no point going back to normal if that doesn’t represent the way you want to lead your life. Look for healthy options and recipes that you can execute yourself at home! You can find plenty in ‘Recipes’. You don’t have to lead a raw lifestyle BUT you must ease yourself back into cooked food because at first, your stomach might not agree.

Jon and his team are there to help – ask them all of your questions, concerns and feedback!

The important information – 

Check out all the details here:

Code for 10% off : KBS10

Location: 52/53 Commercial Road (Corner of Commercial Rd and Arthur Street) Teneriffe, QLD 4005

Note: Press’d is also a delish cafe where I very frequently dine! They have recently moved to a bigger space allowing them to do a much better menu! With RAW food & Brisbane breakfast/lunch favourites (avo on organic toast), they are sure to please! You can find my full review here

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