Brisbane Restaurant Green Papaya to close, but get set for Pawpaw 2.0


With the much-anticipated upgrade for Venzin Group hero café Pawpaw in Wooloongabba, Brisbane (not long now – eep – exciting!), this week Brisbane farewells the beautiful Balinese/Thai inspired restaurant, Green Papaya (also part of the Venzin Group), who are getting set to close up shop indefinitely. Goodbyes are always hard…but turn that frown upside-down, as there is plenty to celebrate! Life is grand, there’s healthy food to be eaten AND Pawpaw 2.0 is coming!

Soon we combine both spaces @greenpapayarestaurant & @pawpawcafe and we will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner !…

Posted by Pawpaw Cafe on Thursday, May 14, 2015

The best thing about this celebration was the guarantee of knowing there would be healthy options right down to dessert (hello CocoWhip!). Dining at Green Papaya one last time meant reminiscing on the good times past, eagerly anticipating the exciting things to come, but most importantly savouring the moment by delighting in beautiful (healthy) food. From delectable Satay Chicken Skewers (to start), to tasty Vegetarian Pad Thai (with tofu) and spicy Stir-fry Vegetables with Lamb, true to form Green Papaya didn’t fail to impress.

This Brisbane restaurant would have ticked so many boxes for the health conscious among us, and will definitely be dearly missed (queue ‘You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone’ from Pitch Perfect 2). Although not a ‘vegetarian only’ restaurant, Green Papaya had veggies and vegetarian options aplenty in the mix – BIG Green Heart for that Green Papaya. The fact that it was actually an option written on the menu to adjust certain meals to be ‘vegetarian’ (signified by ‘VO’ beside those dishes on the menu) was truly great. Green Papaya were definitely on the #makehealthynormal train and that was truly awesome.

 As the last spoonful’s of CocoWhip are devoured (don’t stress Brisbane, it will still be available at Pawpaw) and Green Papaya’s doors close one last time, we prepare to say fare-thee-well to an amazing Brisbane dinner spot. And with that, it’s official, the countdown is on until Pawpaw 2.0 opens it’s doors with a breakfast, lunch AND dinner offering – Brisbane foodies rejoice and watch this space for updates on exciting things to come!

@emajudd for kbsugarfree

The Essentials:

Pawpaw 2.0

Cnr Potts & Stanley St, Woolloongabba

Google Map



IG: @pawpawcafe

Pawpaw 2.0 Menu

Did you have a favourite Green Papaya dish? Share your favourite Green Papaya & Pawpaw moments by commenting below!

Written work & images provided by the enthusiastically healthy Emma Judd
(Brisbane Healthy Eats Contributor)

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