Homemade Muesli Bars {GF, DF, V, SF}

Do I even need to start with how bad the muesli bars from the supermarket are? I dont really think I do. We are all well aware that they are sugar laden, chemically preserved and processed on the conveyer belt.

Apart from some of the genuinely ‘healthy’ brands (I prefer Carmen’s and Food for Health), it is difficult to find something that matches your health preferences or your dietary requirements. So, whats the solution? Of course, it is to make it yourself!

While there are some company’s sending out easy mixes (like __ who I loved), it is super simple and can be made to your taste! These muesli bars are great for yourself, the kids and even the workplace! Dont like apricots? Dont add them. Prefer maple syrup? Use it! I honestly LOVE the rolled brown rice (or rice flakes) in this recipe because they give you that crunch even when mixed with the coconut oil and rice malt syrup (some alternatives will soak these up!). The add ins are totally up to you, but these proportions should help you out until you are ready to mix and match yourself!

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Organic Apricot & Rolled Rice Muesli Bars

– 1 cup rice flakes

– 1 cup puffed millet

– 1/2 cup organic (& sulfate free) apricots

– 1 cup 247 Protein Mix with Almonds and Seeds

– 1 cup shredded coconut

– 1 cup Jimalie Coconut Oill

– 1/2 cup Pure Harvest Rice Malt Syrup

Method (5 steps, are you ready?)

 (1) DRY: Mix the dry ingredients

(2) WET: Melt the coconut oil + mix with rice malt syrup

(3) MIX: & press mixture into a pan (lined with gladwrap/baking paper)

(4) REFRIGERATE: for about an hour!

Note: if you want these to be super hard, you could freeze it instead! I would still make sure you wrap them in aluminium foil because if the

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