#genuineaccount – its time for kbsugarfree to come clean

Genuine movmeent

Have you ever seen an account’s following skyrocket over night? Or have you ever wondered how some accounts reach over 100k so quickly that it almost flashes before your eyes? Odds are, it probably is quite literally flashing in response to a surprisingly small investment. Dollar bills for followers – how do you feel about this?

It’s definitely time for kbsugarfree to confess.

 I hate it. Have I ever bought followers? Definitely not.

Why not?

Well firstly, I can see the benefit in it. Instagram is an extremely popular outlet for advertising and starting businesses. Since reaching 10k, I have had numerous companies approach me for collaborations, recipe development and reviews. It goes without saying that the more followers you have, the more frequent these opportunities come. So, if you were starting a business and you wanted the masses to believe your product was the bees knees – how else is better than having over 100k of followers for potential consumers to follow suit.

It’s basic human nature that having a large group of people supporting one particular product is going to lead you to think that its good – why else would everyone like it? Its so much more tempting to follow accounts that have a reputable following, but my problem is just how reputable that following is.

I work 24/7 on Kbsugarfree, and I have started it from scratch and developed as I go. It hasn’t been round for 6 months, kbsugarfree has been active for over 2 and a half years. Sure, if I wanted the easy way out I would have bought followers, sat back and watched the products, collaborations and money roll on in. But SINCE WHEN has the easy way out EVER benefitted anyone?

Companies want to employ blogs with large followings because they are certain that they will see return for their investment – i.e. the bloggers following will buy their product if its advertised on the so called blog. So what happens when your following is made up on strange ‘ghost’ accounts? Well, the investor doesn’t see the return and gets the idea pretty quickly that the following basis isn’t genuine. Consequences? None. Unless a blogger promises a return, its simply the investors mistake. But how unfair is that? Super unfair and just plain wrong – which is why I cant bring myself to take ‘the easy way out’.

I view the whole topic as exploiting the health industry and exploiting those who work tirelessly on their blog content and photos (i.e. me and so many other beautiful, hard working people!). I lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle trying to be as organic as possible so why would I purchase an non-organic audience to share that with? I want to influence others to lead achievable and realistically healthy lifestyles. Through Kbsugarfree, I want to share products that I love and recipes that I enjoy cooking and eating. I want my local Brisbane community to rejoice in the delicious healthy options that are available in our beautiful city and NOT be afraid of dining out for lack of options!

Whats the point of having this dream and passion if I’m sharing it with a fake, uninterested and unresponsive audience? Well, to be frank, there would be no point. I think its time to separate the fake from the real and highlight some genuine and passionate accounts.

Im going to go out on a limb here and say that I think its time for a movement on Instagram. How you may ask? What better a way than a #genuineaccount hashtag and ask our favourite accounts to share the hashtag/photo in their next post. It is a way to say ‘hey, I love your account and I still would whether you have that extra 10k or not’. I think the Instagram community is more than ready for account owners to be comfortable with themselves and show their true beauty and their true audience, I sure know I am.

I would love to hear your comments and your own perspectives so feel free to comment below, on instagram or feel free to email me at kbsugarfree@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “#genuineaccount – its time for kbsugarfree to come clean

  1. Thanks for the great post! We at Just For Starters work really hard on our food blog (& Instagram account) to put out good quality content. It’s frustrating to know that people would try and get ahead by buying followers and you are right, there is no point in doing so.

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