A Bit of ‘Love’ For the Bay Side – Love Juice Superfood Bar Review

Hidden amongst the busy cafes and shops of Cambridge Parade in Manly lives ‘Love Juice Superfood’ Bar. This little healthy retreat will surely be something different to your regular fish and chips by the water (and much better for you!). Cue the raw treats, salads, smoothies, vegan and paleo snacks and you have the best new hotspot on the bay side. Sound good? That’s because it is! Having been open for a few months, the Love Juice Superfood Bar team serve up some of the best and most importantly, healthiest meals around.

When you walk in the door of Love Juice, it immediately gives off a happy vibe, with the bright decorations and yellow and pink themed walls and artwork. Kathy, the mastermind behind it all says opening her shop has been a long time coming. Having worked out of her Kombi for several years making and perfecting her acai bowls and smoothies, she’s finally saved her up pennies and bought the space she needed for Love Juice. Tracey managed to score her dream store right near the water and what a prime location it is!

Kathy and her team pride themselves on sourcing all produce locally, mostly around the Redlands area and tries to always stick with organic ingredients whenever she can. Everything is house made (with love she says!) and always prepared the morning of, for the freshest result possible. The menu has a wide range of items to suit all different taste buds with very reasonable prices. Due to the seasonal demand of fruit and veg, the menu makes slight changes throughout the year to accommodate for the differing seasons – which is exactly what we all love to hear!

Kathy has been trying a few different things for the winter months and the warm crumble pot ($6.90) is a winner for sure! The raw treats such as the snickers slice, orange fudge brownie and the peppermint slice are melt-in-your-mouth good and will keep you coming back time and time again. With such a great location and delicious food, you’d be crazy not too! You can rest easy because Love Juice will never use bottled juices for the acai bowls and if that’s not a good enough reason to visit, I’m not sure what is. For all your refined sugar-free, vegan, paleo food and drink check out Love Juice Super Food Bar open 7-5pm weekdays and 7-4 weekends.

Until the next foodie adventure, Tayla xx

 @eatlotstravelfar for Kbsugarfree

 The Essentials:

Love Juice Superfood Bar, 45 Cambridge Parade, Manly QLD

Website: www.lovejuicesuperfoodbar.com.au/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovejuicesuperfoodbar

Instagram: @lovejuice_manly

Contact: 0409 084 588


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