Adventure Snacks – healthy treats made easy!

HUMP DAY PREP – While I do love to simplify things for myself, I love it even more when someone does it for me! Tracey, behind Adventure Snacks, has done just that – healthy baking, made easy.

I honestly went weak at the knees when i discovered that Adventure Snacks packet mixes have vegetables added in them! WOAH! Talk about driving change! You can say goodbye to triple browny pack temptations and hello to healthy, organic baking alternatives.

Adventure Snacks just proves that there is innovation for healthy changes and that the food industry isn’t run by evil, sugar laden, money driven entrepreneurs. There are people, just like Tracey, really trying to help us and the future generations to lead healthy, nourishing and positive lives! There is no denying the negative effects that the processed bake mixes on the shelves promote – its just not worth the time nor the money if you ask me (and a lot of others too!).

The packet mixes come in a range of flavours – from cookies to muffins and even the almighty bliss ball. The difference is that these are filled with real & organic ingredients + no nasty fillers! My whole household (including the boys) loved the Choc Beet Muffins for their moist yet chocolatey taste (I didn’t let them know it was cacao, and they didn’t notice either). While I kept all the Cranberry, Fig and Seed Balls to myself (#guilty) i ended up sharing the Sultana, Oat and Carrot Cookies and they definitely did not last long!

Between the three mixes you will find ticks for everything you could possibly look for:

– Lunch box friendly

– Vegan

– Wheat Free

– Organic

– Artificial colour, flavour and preservative free!

– No refined sugars

Adventure Snacks are a mothers dream come true and a healthy student’s affordable pleasure!

Tracey and her team run some incredible deals, like a flat $6 dollar shipping fee, all mixes under $14 dollars and a trial box for $30 where you can try all the flavours out (instead of having to choose!).

You can find all of the information on their website at:

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