Soulfit – get your Kineseology on!

You may have heard of Kineseology before, but have you dared to try it? Well, you should.

Lets get real, we all have issues. Whether its food and health, sleep, alcohol or mental health related – its there. Its dealing with it that matters and kineseology is most definitely one way to do it.

Meat Beanie, she changed my life. Beanie has been practicing kineseology as a certified PKP Kinesiologist for over 6 years. Having overcome her own health and wellbeing difficulties, Beanie decided to make it a career of helping others heal in a holistic and maintainable way.

As an Occupational Therapy student, I live a breath holistic practice and kineseology encompasses health perfectly. The focus of Kinesioogy is to identify the cause of the problem, and not just looking at the symtpom/s i.e. not just putting a bandaid over your problems. Why? Just as bandaids are temporary, so is treating the symptoms.

The session started with goal setting, with Beanie helping you to choose what YOU need in life (and not what others want or tell you!). You then work through various kinesiology techniques to find imbalances. Imbalances are holistic themselves in that they can arise from structural, chemical, emotional, nutritional or spiritual levels.

The whole kinesiology experience was new, uplifting and completely beneficial for my health and wellbeing journey. But, Kinesiology isn’t all that Soulfit offers, in fact, it’s an entire Health and Wellness Clinic! There is personal training, reflexology, meditation, massage, group fitness, bowen therapy, pilates yoga and ENAR pain relief.

The objective of Soulfit is for all clients to enjoy the benefits of alternative and corrective medicines to ensure overall holistic healing. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Beanie and her beautiful team and cannot recommend enough how beneficial form of healing can be. Literally life changing. I cannot thank Soulfit enough! So if you are looking for that next step OR in need of some healing (when you may have tried everything else with no success) – its time to give Kineseology & Soulfit a try!

The Essentials:

Soulfit Wellness Institute, 40 Ainsworth st, Salisbury 4107

When/Appointments: Call on 07 3875 1327 or fill the form out online here

Why: Soulfit could change your life (quite literally) and enable you to be all you can honestly be!



Instagram: @soulfitwellnessinstitute

Images courtesy of Soulfit Wellness Institute

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