Locavore Cafe opens in Wooloongatta

Locavore, have you heard the term? Essentially describing a person who conforms to the rightfully popular notion of eating locally and sustainably, ‘Locavore’ is spreading rapidly and we Brisbane folk are just in luck – we now have a cafe to cultivate our interest.

Locavore Cafe is dedicated to using produce from within our Brisbane region and has adapted the local, ethical and sustainable ethos. Its not that Brisbane didn’t already love eating this way, but we now have a well known term to support us and a Cafe dedicated to the locally shared mission – support our next door neighbour farmers.

Out with the old, imported and in with the new, fresh and local they say (well, we all say!). Even if for some personal reasons eating local isn’t on your top priorities, the menu on offer will get you well on track (or just have you being a locavore without you even knowing!).

Look, its not your average joe menu with a ‘locally sourced’ title slapped across the header, in fact, you can expect amplitudes of creativity while also eating consciously. Consider the ‘Slow Roasted Mushrooms’ with seasonal greens, roasted pumpkin, macadamia black garlic tofu (!!!yes, yum!!!), or the ‘Beans on Toast’ with braised cannellini beans, shredded ham hock poached egg, kraut, sourdough toast. See, as described its quite the step up from your sautéed mushrooms or baked beans breaky favourites!

Now to be honest, I don’t order sweet when I go out. Just because chefs find it super easy to slip a sprinkle of sugar/honey/fructose here or there and it comes down most of the time to not being worth it. Not this time. The Mixed Wholegrain Porridge with poached rhubarb & pear, vanilla milk, hazelnut praline was most definitely NOT too sweet, in fact it was the perfect balance of heartiness from the grains (quinoa – high five) and the subtle sweetness from the pear, vanilla and oohhh that crunch from the praline was #guilty but #necessary. The gingerbread pancake also not to over powering, though definitely a lot sweeter with credit to the incredible Bee One Third honeycomb & bee pollen (ooohhhh mumma! I just love Jack’s work!).

All in all, the Locavore Cafe is a most definite TO DO for your next spare moment of time. With its location in Wooloongabba you don’t have to leave 2 hours early for a car park and Marvel Street coffee + organic teas fill the impressively minimal wait time for food delivery (i.e. service!).

The Essentials;

Locavore Cafe, 130 Logan Road, Woolloongabba (under Quest Apartments)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/locavorecafebrisbane

Instagram: @locavorecafebne

Mixed wholegrain porridge

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