Pineapple Express Opens at Portside Warf

Im sure you have now been subjected to much hype about the new Pineapple Express but it’s my turn to guarantee that it all very much justified. There is no denying that any opening of a health cafe will excite both you and I, but Pineapple Express is just that little bit more exciting that usual. Why? Ummm, have you heard of CocoWhip?

You can read about my previous experiences with CocoWhip here, but its exciting to see it spreading through Brisbane, in more ways than just geographically. Its also spreading in flavours – holy yum. Matcha and original + a blend of the two, CocoWhip is growing and here I am hoping that it will continue like a snowball gaining speed down a cliff – dont stop, please don’t stop.

With the opportunity to design bowls for the Spring Menu the competition was quite fierce. There were various toppings to choose from including fresh strawbs, kiwi fruit, coconut chips, The Unrefined Granola (finally tried this and it is delishhhh + sugar free weee!) and sugarfree topping sauces! While the team at Pineapple Express will be launching with their own unique designs this coming Saturday, anything with the chocolate sauce or Clean Plate Treats (by Paris Straus) is most definitely recommended!

So its not just CocoWhip that Pineapple Express are going to be known for – they also have a MASSIVE range of raw salads, smoothies and a delish all day menu also (hello naked burgers). Paleo treats and all the stuff that keep the models promoting for them glowing (who isn’t jealous of that gene pool distribution).

The most unique feature of Pineapple Express is the ‘Text for Express’ function – you guessed it, text your order and pick up your food for on-the-run healthy eating! I’m pretty sure that removes all excuses from the book of how hard healthy eating can be – you no longer need a lot of money, time or research, the ease of healthy eating is right here, right now.

The public launch party for Pineapple Express is set for this SATURDAY, JUNE 13, with an auction of prizes and a gold coin donation from every ‘CocoWhip’ sold between 9am and 10am, going directly to the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for the funding of Juiced TV.

Pineapple Express honestly is a beneficial addition to the Brisbane health scene and one which broadens our experiences and options among a popular food precinct. Located at Portside Wharf, the cafe is close enough for you to grab pre or post CocoWhip + other treats to avoid the temptation at the Dendy Cinema or the dessert at your favourite restaurant.

The Essentials:

Pineapple Express Cafe, Shop 9.2 38 Hercules Street, Portside Wharf



Instagram: @pineappleexpresscafe

Pineapple Express - CocoWhip!

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