Miss Bliss Wholefoods Store – Sneak Peak!

You may all now be well aware that the lady behind Brisbane’s favourite bliss balls (aka Miss Bliss) has herself a store and soon an opening date!

This is seriously exciting for Brisbane – another whole store dedicated to health treats, healthy eats and healthy drinks. Two years ago, such a concept in this city was almost quite unheard of. There is most definitely a growing demand in the market, but for Miss Bliss there is a whole other story behind the store and its quite literally a dream come true for Jacqui.

Jacqui is extremely proud of her Greek culture and family, which is how this store ultimately came about. Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen is located across from West End Coffee House and some of you may remember this as a fruit store – the very fruit store that Jacqui’s uncle used to own. The very same fruit store that her pappa sourced the various boxes of favourite fruits for his many grandchildren and also where all of her uncles routinely drank coffee, twice a day. The store has a story which has clearly influenced renovation plans – at the moment you can find historical  and modern idea/inspo boards are strung around the property, filled with snaps of Jacqui’s passions – family, health and whole foods.

Because there is passion, there is love. And because there is love, there is genuine business. Genuine business means Jacqui has formed a trusting friendship with each and everyone of her suppliers to make sure she’s getting the best produce to serve us the best food. This means locally sourced and hand made gluten free, nut loaf and sourdough bread, organic & custom made tea blends, the freshest and organic (where possible) fruit and veg, Amazonia’s organic Acai + plenty more amazing goodies!

And of course, don’t forget the balls. But not just balls, Jacqui has the whole kitchen to herself now and we can rest easy knowing that she will be producing our favourite healthy treats in more forms than one (note, have you tried her raw caramel slice?!).

With the opening date soon to be released, you can be guaranteed to find all the latest, first, here on Kbsugarfree! Make sure you subscribe to receive exclusive updates, recipes and prizes!

The Essentials

New Store: The Old Fruit Shop, opposite West End Coffee House (Google Map)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/missblisstreats 

Instagram: @missblisstreats

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