Zeus Street Greek Opens in Southbank

The Paniyiri Festival may have teased our taste buds with only a weekend’s worth of Greek goodness but the opening of Zeus Street Greek is sure to fill all holes in our hearts.

Coming permanently to South Bank, Zeus Street Greek is the culinary child of Costa Anastasiadis (founder of Crust Gourmet Pizza) and George Kyrprianou (from Pony Dining Brisbane). If that doesnt leave you with great expectations than I am unaware of what talented combination will!

The best part about European cuisine, and especially Greek, is the essence of sharing. Sharing food has to be one of the best ways to dine – bringing all your loved ones around a table, tasting the same flavours but most importantly, getting to try more than one dish! Zeus Street Greek want to be seen as a family and one which welcomes others into their family too. The boys from Zeus wish to share with you their favourite foods, flavours and traditions which means you are guaranteed to always feel welcome in this fabulously designed South Bank restaurant.

From the pictures you can probably already tell you are in for a treat, but ill have you know that Greek food is actually a great option for dining out (especially high quality Greek food like this). High in natural and GOOD fats, plenty of olive oil and minimal processed foods are on the menu. This stands to reason why Europeans are known to live the longest and (clearly) the most fulfilling lives. Obviously with Westernisation you will have to make an effort to avoid deep friend, but as you can see, the sneak peak lunch event provided a wide array of sugar free, gluten free and dairy free options.

A special note to the gluten free tortillas – the boys have gone to extra lengths and beyond to find a high quality, hand made and locally produced source for these. Due to the exclusivity of the product, they only charge what they pay for these meaning a 0 percent profit margin for the gluten free option in exchange for many happy gluten free bellies!

The Essentials:

Zeus Street Greek, Shop 13/14 Little Standly Street, South Bank, QLD, 4101 (Google Map)

Website: zeusstreetgreek.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZeusStreetGreek

Instagram: @zeusstreetgreek

zeus logo

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