Habitat’s New Autumn Menu

West End is sure starting to put up a foodie front and the latest seasonal menu from Malcom Watt’s Habitat ascertains this completely. Lets be honest, you aren’t wowed by a menu unless there is something different or something unique. But then again, you also aren’t satisfied if there isn’t a classic option that your not-so-judgemental family members will enjoy. Well, this breakfast menu is sure to both meet your expectations and warm your kind-of-not-so-cold Brisbane tummies.

First off, its Autumn and not summer, which makes sense why there is just the one cold option to start your day. Just one, thats correct, but they really have perfected it. Everything all in a bowl that I would thoroughly enjoy, including chia & apple bircher, cashews, ginger nut crumble and labna – gimme.

It tempted, very much so, but it was also bloody cold so the priority came down to heating up that body temp.  Andele Andele Paprika it was, and why would it be. Chorizo, red pepper, paprika scrabled eggs (!!!), avocado, spinach, soft corn tacos and black bean salsa. You know, they say life is about balance – but so is health and most importantly, so is breakfast. You get the proteins from the eggs, chorizo and black beans, the fibre from the veggies (and also, the black beans), the healthy fats from the avocado, the carbs from the soft corn tacos (adios food dies, flavours and processes) and even some leafy greens (=  winning!). The Andele Andele Paprika encapsulates the warmth you need in the morning with the subtle spices used throughout the flavours, from the chorizo to the paprika and red pepper – it works.

The second dish enjoyed was the Rosie Cheddar Cheeks which is essentially bacon and eggs but with one incredible and innovating (possibly life changing) twist – a vegemite and cheddar loaf. My gosh. If you have forgotten the goodness of these little morsels from your childhood then its time to relive it. Warmed and served with some peppered butter, I can’t confirm if its house/hand made but it certainly gives off that vibe – it really was like no other.  hand made? 

All in all, the breakfast options of West End are really looking up, with Habitat serving up its finest breakfast menu all day, everyday which is what we all love to see.

The Essentials:

Habitat Restaurant and Bar, 187 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Website: http://habitatbrisbane.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Habitatwestend

Instagram: @habitat_brisbane

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am – late, Saturday – Sunday 7:30am – late

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