Healthy Berry & Ricotta Crepes

This is the easiest crepe recipe you will ever make and all you are going to need is 3 staple ingredients.

1. Jimalie Coconut Wraps

2. Organic Ricotta

3. Berries (frozen or fresh)

These ‘Allergen Free’ Coconut Wraps are so great, if you haven’t tried them already then you really must. They are made purely from Coconut Meat, Coconut water and Himalayan salt! This ensures they are all-natural, raw, vegan, high in fibre & protein +++ gluten, grain, dairy, egg, nut, soy and artificial ingredient free!

This recipe is incredible simple and healthy. I’ve used organic ricotta available from selected super markets or health food stores, however a vegan alternative could be be silken tofu, coconut yoghurt or a cashew cream!

Healthy Ricotta & Berry Crepes
Healthy Berry & Ricotta Crepes
1/4 cup Organic Ricotta
1/4 cup Organic Frozen Berries
2 x Jimalie Coconut Wraps
Place berries in the microwave to melt slightly and then combine with ricotta in a small bowl. Then place Coconut Wraps in a hot pan for about 30 seconds each side, they will start to go golden! Fold the crepes and fill with the filling. Top with berries, banana and a sprinkle of Jimalie’s Organic Coconut Sugar.
Healthy Berry & Ricotta Crepes!

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