Paw Paw Cafe Opens for Business!

It has been much anticipated but very much worth it because the new Paw Paw is absolutely FAB! After a sneak peak at the menu this week it is clear that not only has Paw Paw stepped up their interior, they have also stepped up their food game (would anyone have expected any less?).

There are still your favourites and there is still your CocoWhip but there is also a whole. lot. more.

Why is there more? Because Paw Paw are now open for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! The restuarant and cafe are no longer separate and have combined to form one cohesive and impressive menu! A sneak peak/taste test of the menu revealed that the Baked Crumble Porridge (with spiced apple, mixed berries, rolled oats and double island cream) is both a delicious standout but also, a satisfying and fullfilling option to start the day. Spotted on the menu were your fav Breakfast burritos, Breakfast plates and stacks but notably were the GF, V (Vegetarian) and VG (Vegan) options beside the items.

Same goes for the lunch menu, the night time nibbles and the dinner menus! All loaded with plenty of options and meeting everyone’s specific requirements.

Most unique to the new Paw Paw is the (coming soon!) bar. Now that our old beloved Paw Paw is residing in the front (all day erry day), Georgina has strategised to have a matching bar out the back. You know what that calls for? Celebratory drinks – you hear me. No longer must we venture into the city or valley for a chilled, yet sophisticated, drink (wine, unique spirits and Bali inspired mixes holla), we can now head to the seemingly undervalued (yet undoubtedly not for long) Woolloongabba.

Party in the front with your breakfast options and stunningly designed interior (so.many.cushions)

The Essentials;


Monday – Tuesday: 6:30am – 4pm
Wednesday – Friday: 6:30 – late
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – late

Paw Paw Cafe, 898 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102 (Google Map)

Website: | FB: | IG: @pawpawcafe

898 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

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