Mercure Brisbane Dining for Eat Brisbane’s 20th Event!

It was an exciting night for Eat Brisbane, their 20th Brisbane Foodie Meet! Having been on the bandwagon since EatBrisbane3, I was excited to celebrate and Mercure Brisbane provided the perfect place to do so!

Being a hotel, you may be sceptical of what is on offer food wise, and rightfully so. Hotels can sometimes be quite hard to find healthy and palatable options at but rest assured Mercure has appropriately catered for everyone, especially those of us health conscious. The most noteworthy element of the dining was the dietary preference guidelines – plenty of labelling which means plenty of happy bellies!

Of course, you will always find your favourites on the menu like Pork Belly, Chicken and Steak and they may usually come drizzled in substances you wish they weren’t, but not at Mercure. It was refreshing to see such clean and wholesome options on the menu, particularly for the Pork Belly! Served with soba noodles, steamed greens and Asian mushrooms, the pork was perfectly cooked and very satisfying! The Chicken Breast followed suit with parsnip puree, grilled asparagus, thyme butter and jus and I may be biased for Lamb Shanks but when they were served with the carrot puree and asparagus I was most definitely won over.

All of the meals were served with some veggies INSTEAD of chips and slow cooking was a common theme – I was one happy girl. The only dishes I had to get fussy about was dessert, which isn’t uncommon! For all alike, there is a very tempting Australian Cheese Selection available, if you have the room!

All in all, if your choosing somewhere to stay based on the food options, Mercure is most definitely worth of being on your list! Many of Brisbane’s hotels have heaps of health and lifestyle options to consider and while there are plenty more to discover through Kbsugarfree, Mercure’s restaurant and dining options, proximity to the CBD and close walk to Southbank is most definitely a plus!

The Essentials;

Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay, Brisbane, 4000



Instagram: @mercure_brisbane

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