Jahh, you should head to Jahh Tiger

Jahh Tiger meaning ‘yeah tiger’, is Brisbane’s only Jamaican bar and Australia’s first authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Rum shack; how lucky are we Brisbane?! Simply step into Jahh Tiger and be taken to Jamaica without even having to jump onto a plane. It’s an uber-cool, unique gustatory experience embracing great drinks, food and music. Jahh Tiger oozes relaxed vibes, where yes, you can challenge your friends to a game of in-house jenga, or simply sit back, chillax and enjoy a freshly opened coconut (turned white-rum cocktail).

Jahh Tiger’s menu is, as you probably guessed, Jamaican inspired and has a menu with ‘Jerk’ written all over it. To give you an idea, dishes include Jerk spiced pork belly, Jerk spiced brisket and even Jerk spiced mayo (as a condiment) but their signature dish is their Jerk spiced chicken!

So what is ‘Jerk’ and is it healthy’? Well, Jerk is spicy, smoky AND sweet and from this description you can only imagine it’s deliciously flavour-full. On top of being oh-so-tasty…SURPRISE, it’s also healthy, gluten free and lactose free! To top it off, the recipe for jerk that Jahh Tiger use is 100% authentic and was obtained from a lady called Miss Ivy, from the owner’s recent trip to Jamaica – now that is pretty special.

So let’s have the healthy of it with some (highly) recommended menu picks:

Starter: Opt for the Jamaican Street corn – it is grilled to perfection with some serious flavour happening. If ‘delicious’ came on a cobb, this would be it.

Main: Two words ‘Jerk Chicken’. You simply MUST try this signature dish (for reasons explained above). It has to be said, the Jerk Marinated Chicken is cooked to perfection; tender and flavoursome and most importantly, it’s a healthy option too. Pair it with a side of greens and you have a healthy, gluten free, lactose free meal – yum-o!

Jahh Tiger has a fun yet relaxed vibe; perfect for your next Brisbane date night, catch-up or chill-out session.

The Essentials:

Jahh Tiger Rum & Jerk Shack

3/1 Park Road, Milton

Website: www.jahhtiger.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Jahh-Tiger

Instagram: @JahhTiger

Tell us about your favourite menu items from your visit to Jahh Tiger in the comments below.

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