Taste Box Australia

I am going to be perfectly honest and admit that yes, sometimes I most definitely DO NOT feel like creating and cooking my diner. For those of us who lead busy and exhausting lives, cooking at the end of the day is highly unlikely to be on the cards! Luckily, there is a company who have competitively made dinner time both a whole lot easier and a whole lot cheaper – welcome to another Product I Love, Taste Box Australia!

Cook Smarter with Taste Box – they certainly weren’t in denial when they created their slogan. Essentially, their chefs create recipes, the team sources local produce and then they deliver measured and proportioned ingredients for three wholesome and delicious meals!

Taste Box removes all the time for preparing the dishes and more time for enjoying them. The process literally entails you adding ingredient A, stirring, adding ingredient B and so forth – you get the point, its a breeze. You may be curious though, what’s on offer? Rest assured, its most definitely KBSugarfree approved though you may need to make some very simple adjustments to keep it strictly fructose free (and that’s if I’m being picky!).

In my delivery, I received Spicy Thai Pork and Noodle Stir-Fry, where I simply replaced the sweet and sour sauce and Ketjap Manis (what was required from the pantry) for some organic curry, paprika and cumin powder + an extra swig of olive oil (and rice noodles in place of egg).

The Vietnamese Chicken Rice Paper Rolls were incredibly fresh and healthy which I accentuated through grilling the chicken (tossed with the littlest bit of Brookfarm Macadamia Oil) and pan roasting the peanuts instead of adding the brown sugar to them (Taste Box suggested brown sugar for taste to accommodate to a variety of preferences).

The Lamb and Pumpkin Curry required the least amount of adjustments and is probably one of my favourites with such a delicious flavour! While the delivery was meant to serve two, I honestly have spread this curry out for 5 dinners with a side of green veg and Forbidden Foods Green Rice !


1. Choose which box you want – vegetarian, dinner or sample

2. Choose how many people you are cooking too (handy hey!)

3. Choose how often you want the box delivered (once a week or once every two!)

4. Order before Wednesday midnight for the delivery on Monday (3-6pm)

So, it’s meant to be for 2 people minimum, meaning 3 meals for around $30-40. If you can budget fresh product + protein + nutritious recipes into a shopping list for that much I congratulate you! If you have an appetite like me (I would just regular, neither large nor petite) some of these dishes can definitely be stretched out for more than 1 serve each, especially with a serve of greens on the side (which actually brings the price down to almost $5 per serve!). I honestly think this is an incredibly well priced service and one to tap into early (beat the crowds and the demand!)

All in all, I am super excited to share this company with you and list them among some of the amazing Products I Love! For Brisbane based healthspos and foodies alike, when you are looking for that next EASY meal at home that’s both delicious and nutritious, Taste Box is most definitely a company you should look into! Nothing but positive reviews here!

The Essentials

Website: tastebox.com.au/

IG: @tasteboxaus

FB: www.facebook.com/Tasteboxaus

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