10 Reasons Why F45 Newstead is Dominating Brisbane’s Fitness Industry

Many of you may have recently noticed me promoting Nina and Drew from F45 Newstead. This isn’t a paid advertisement and I am certainly not working off a commission. What or why then, you may ask (or, you may not), but I promise after reading this article you will understand why.

What is F45?

Essentially, it’s combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & Functional training (involving the whole body). 45 minutes, unique styles of training, unique exercises and unique music. The training focuses on providing short, intensive moves to increase strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility.

I have been training now at F45 for just under 2 months. These 2 months have been my most strongest, dedicated and consistent 2 months of my health journey so far. Yeah, I  used to go to the gym and do the classes there, and yeah, I enjoyed that, but I wasn’t seeing results. I wasn’t seeing me grow in strength or tone, I felt like I had very much plateaued and was struggling to understand why. I also run, up to 6km a day and still felt at a stand still. I definitely needed something more, so I tried out F45 Newstead, and trust me, once you go F45, you never go back. 

So below are 10 reasons why F45 dominates over all other exercise existing in the fitness industry. You’ll begin to understand why it’s worth cancelling your gym membership, ceasing your PT sessions and skipping boot camp. You will also be stoked to know you can get a WEEK FREE TRIAL (valued over $60) using the code ‘kbsugarfree’ when you register online for F45 Newstead. So read on, and then join me there! If you like it (you will) you can go for an entire week for free OR you can just boost your morning with an insane workout instead – it’s win win really.

10 Reasons Why F45 Newstead is Dominating Brisbane’s Fitness Industry

1. These are your trainers – Meet Nina & Drew

Nina and Drew epitomise health and demonstrate where hard work and F45 training can get you. Look at those abs, just look at them. Nina and her husband Drew (body fat approx. 0%) run the classes and guide you to reach your full potential. How do they know your potential? Because they engage with you personally every session, they learn your boundaries and they make sure you are pushing those boundaries each and everytime. There is no favouritism and you aren’t EVER going to be left behind, if you are struggling they are there. They will adjust the circuit to assist you or challenge you, depending on how you are going. This personalised approach is something I most definitely NEVER got from classes at regular gyms, unless I was paying extra for a PT (and even then, wasn’t worth it).

2. New Day = New Work out

Everyday has a dedicated style of workout but the actual exercises change every time. That means, you are never doing the same workout twice and you are always challenging new muscles. Often you are using and strengthening muscles when you may not even realise! The workouts are always high intensity but also change in the work/rest time as well – so one day you may be doing tabata styled cardio training (with weights) and another day you may be doing heavy weight, low rep movements. The beauty is that you never know, so you can always be surprised which = maintained interest & commitment . Because who likes anticipating what workout you are going to do? I feel like it is half the problem with gym workouts. F45 are keeping it fresh daily. 

3. Safely workout everyday without feeling like you have been hit by a bus

This whole ‘can’t move did legs yesterday’ business needs to go – fitness and health in general is about consistency and if you need three days recovery after working out then well, how can you expect to see results (unless of course your body building which I clearly know nothing about but am merely referencing the feeling after some body pump classes #sorrynotsorry). F45 sessions work your entire body, but they make sure that the changing workouts are never causing you to over kill – meaning you can push your limits each class and safety return the next day (and get your money’s worth!)

4. Watch the fat burn before your eyes

When you walk in you get given a state of the art (I kid you not) POLAR Bluetooth HR monitor which is  connected to display your Heart Rate on a massive TV during your workout! These monitors are designed to keep up with the work out style (a lot of HR monitors are not) which involves a lot of stop and starting etc (with work/rest intervals). The display TV colour coordinates the HR (or rather, the fat burning) zone you are in e.g. blue (50-60% = minimum fat burning) and then green, yellow and finally red which is maximum heart rate/fat burning and where you obviously want to be. For me, its not easy to get to the red but it creates a goal and with a goal comes motivation to achieve! So every time you walk through that door you are aiming for the red and every time you reach the red you just want to stay there for as long as you can because that’s where the fat is burning. See it before your eyes and then each day aim for a longer amount of time in that zone. This function is unique and most definitely sets F45 apart from majority of training styles and gyms!

5. Track your fitness

Quite literally. The HR monitors record and analyse your entire workout so that by the end you can see how much time you spend in each zone, what your max heart rate was and how many calories you burned. It displays it all on a graph too, which Nina and Drew can then interpret for you and help you notice change. Change comes in the form of how your HR reacts to rest and work, so while it is different for everyone, Nina and Drew can help set some goals to optimise your fitness. Plus, it gets sent to you automatically after each workout so you can keep track for yourself as well. 

5. F45 is a family

The creators of F45 recognised the benefits of functional training in a team environment – everyone pushes themselves individually but also as a group. Team work is a natural motivator and when everyone else is sweating it’s almost impossible for you not to be. In saying that, everyone has their own level of fitness and the workouts are designed so that someone like me can be doing the same exercise as an Australian Rugby Player (it happens), at the same time, but with different weights and levels of challenge. So we all work out as one (plus, we get some awesome eye candy and who isn’t going to be motivated with a champion beside them!)

6. It’s Addictive

It’s fresh, innovative and there are so many elements in place to keep you challenged – you will never get tired of F45 but rather, you will get addicted. A healthy addiction, but none the less, an addiction. Having no car for 5 days nearly sent me into a whirlwind of emotions. F45 is the perfect way to start or finish the day, and once you have it, it’s hard to imagine life without it. You will notice change, you will notice tone, you will see improvements, your technique will improve as will your ability. When I started, I couldn’t do a pull up with all the assistant bands and now I’m up to 2-3. I couldn’t do a simple box jump for fear of scraping my shins and now it’s one of my favourite exercises. The ropes will start off as your worst enemy but then your relationship with flourish together (because it gets you to the red zone without fail ;)). If you want progress, you will get it and you will see it – physically, mentally and technologically 😉 Again, once you go F45, you never go back.

7. You don’t need to pay for PT to achieve ‘optimal results’

We have all heard it time and time again, the gym is great but if you want ‘optimal results’  a PT is better. Wrong. Save your money for that next pair of joggers, singlets or tights, because these sessions are better than any PT. Why? Because PT’s design, customise and run the workouts! The workouts, exercises and patterns are constantly changing and developing as you do – its personalised, individual and not at an extra cost. PLUS Nina and Drew take the PT next level with their HR technology to go through your workout overview each and every time! Because they take the time to do this (which PT’s don’t/can’t/maybe they can but it comes at an extra cost), they also notice changes even if you don’t. Nina and Drew are just so goddam dedicated to their members that they mentally track each individual’s technique, HR and strength changes and they let you know this too. It’s not a special service, it’s an added benefit and it’s better than any PT I’ve ever known.

9. The actual exercises


This one stands out among with the rest – I promise you that some of these exercises you have never heard of nor tried yourself. It’s a big statement to make, but I am confident in doing so, as the F45 team create these exclusively for their workouts. The clincher is that they are continuing to innovate new moves, with new equipment to challenge new muscle groups and most important – keep it exciting for you. The exercises are displayed on interactive screens as you work around the circuit so you can keep track of where you are and reference to ensure accurate technique (though Nina & Drew will lend a hand to correct you also).

10. The music

F45 Post

If you are like me, updating my iPod for workouts/running is probably the worst aspect of exercising. It is most definitely a chore. I was overjoyed to find the F45 has yet again gone above and beyond with ensuring exclusive F45 DJ Mixes to keep you going all through the session! They even have them tailored specifically for particular workouts, so you can expect fast, upbeat and ‘pumping’ (it is literally like a club in there!) music for the cardio workouts and hard & strong tunes for the resistance. And once again, they are innovative in refreshing these continuously with the new workouts, moves and training styles!

So, do you get why I love it so much yet?

In light of a recent comparison, I remember missing a F45 class and instead heading to the gym to do one of the classes there. 10 minutes in, and I had to walk out. It felt pointless and ineffective, waiting for other people or following the timing of someone else left limited room to push myself like I do in F45! The gym holds the same classes, the same music and the same exercises (which are generic at that) for weeks – months at a time, until they decide to swap it around and create a new variation of the same thing they had before.  Missing F45 is no longer an option and I have since cancelled my gym membership KNOWING that I will never need another PT, body pump or treadmill again.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that there are some pretty awesome people that love F45 & endorse it too? Getting in on the trend early, Hugh Jackman, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie & Jarred Hayne are all frequent to their local F45. And me. I am too.

Oh, and these guys are too.


Goodbye gyms, hello F45.

Trial it yourself for free this week – simply register online here, use the code ‘kbsugarfree’ and I will see you there. Newstead’s times are super easy to remember – 5.30, 6.30, 7.30 in the morning, 12.30pm (lunch) and 5.30, 6.15 at night (Mon – Fri) + HOLLYWOOD on Saturdays at 7am & 8.15am!

Photos are collected from Google, F45 Facebook & Instagram + KBSugarfree Instagram x

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